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  1. If they do, it’ll be a very small wave. Facebook group sitting ~160 members (including a few upper years, but not all people have Facebook).
  2. Hi Maggie, Have you thought of going back for school, still applying to med, but apply to every school except Ottawa so it’s less of a gamble? I know first hand from this past cycle how much a ‘lower’ GPA on the waitlist can kill your chances (3.88 is not low by any means, but Ottawa’s selection criteria makes it seem so). This year I’m ~3.92 and they stopped calls around ~3.93 so far. Next year, I’ll be applying with a 3.98 wGPA (if only they used this year’s marks ), so if I do get an interview again, hopefully I’ll be in a better position. If it was your second time, I’d s
  3. Yes, that's what I mean. Precisely. I've said some 'negative' comments about this being such a looooong process.
  4. I don’t recommend posting the seconds here. You become easily identifiable, unless you don’t care lol.
  5. If you nail CASPer I’d say you have a good shot at the French stream.
  6. I don't think you necessarily have to enrol in a 4-year second degree. There are two-year second degrees that can use pre-requisites and have those credits you earned outside of your degree count towards an actual degree. Talk to your University's Associate Dean's Office, and to be honest be pushy about it because it is possible. You can apply within that year of your second degree (if that's something you'd like to do), and if you get accepted, woohoo! If not, you'll only have to complete one more year, apply again, with a higher GPA and with a very competitive ABS. At the end of
  7. I don’t think this poll is going to be very predictive of the actual movement. The forums already represent a very small pool of applicants, and many receive their acceptances and never come back to these forums. I think we just need to take it as it comes. In 2 weeks we should have a fair idea as to whether or not we will be accepted from the waitlist.
  8. Just that I’m on the waitlist and they’ll call/email if a vacancy opens. Also to not call them regarding our position on the waitlist because they cannot say. Though I would like to know if there is another email that was sent specifying good waitlist, because I would plan my next steps immediately.
  9. In previous years it was explicitly said “based on previous years it is unlikely/likely”, which is absent from the email. Either that or it’s there and the email I received is bad waitlisted
  10. Waitlisted. I guess they didn’t implement bad and good wait lists this year.
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