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  1. Oh it's definitely a good idea. Whether or not that will actually happen is a different story xD
  2. Not qualified to answer, but, from everything I've seen, it's hard to equate how you think you did in an interview versus the actual outcome. Some think they bombed it and got in, others think they nailed it and got bad waitlisted. At this point, we're less than 3 days away, and you'll find your answer soon!
  3. I’m non-trad, so when I see my friends after a long while they’ll ask “what have you been up to”, I’ll reply with same old, and they’ll be so insistent “no but seriously what are you doing”. Like... JUST LET ME LIVE MY LIFE K
  4. To the very few people who know I'm going through this process, they've asked "when do you find out"? I told them late May to get them off my case lol.
  5. In the info session they said you have 2 weeks to make a decision, though they would appreciate if you respond sooner rather than later
  6. I mean, if you’re in exams, why shower anyway amirite?!
  7. Me on forums: delirious, neurotic, spitting the hottest memes since January 2018 (ok maybe not the hottest). Me IRL: I am a well composed individual who would like to gain entry into your medical school.
  9. I go between being productive to having intermittent periods of anxiety regarding the outcome. Actually, sometimes both of these happen at the exact same time. Ha ha ha ... pls help
  10. At the info session they said it’s a combination of GPA and interview score.
  11. Yes, this. They said interview is scored on a 4.0 scale similar to GPA, then they combine your interview score + GPA to make a running list, and send acceptances to first 116 (for English stream).
  12. Well I’m glad we have each other on here . I hope it goes well for you. I only interviewed at Ottawa so I feel your pain. This forum has been really helpful in this process. There’s a calming feeling I get when I know other people are feeling what I am. I’m not alone!
  13. I anticipated the whole people asking about how it went, so I told as little people possible that I actually received an interview. So it’s lil old me, alone in agony, without other people to remind me of the anxiety I already have lol.
  14. For every one good thing I said, I think I can find 7 things I wish I never did/said in my interview XD.
  15. I feel your pain regarding the first question, it caught me off guard. I was so nervous and felt like I was just rambling. Half way through the answer in my head I was like "what am I doing", paused, took a breath, and tried to recover and do damage control LoL. In their heads they were probably like "what is this person doing".
  16. Hello friends, After the interview, are we allowed to have our significant other with us for the tour/info event? Would this be appropriate? Thank you in advance!
  17. One thing I don’t understand is why UoT does rolling invites if it doesn’t do a rolling based receival of files similar to US schools. They accept applications from early June, and assess and interview when they are received. US schools receive much bigger applications (personal statement, longer ABS entries, and secondary essays) and are able to respond to their applications promptly, not to mention the volume of applications they receive well surpasses that of Ontario schools. IMO the system UoT has is inherently designed to miss some good candidates candidates. I have many friends sti
  18. “What makes you a good candidate?” Well firstly, I have incredible butt muscles from my daily clenching routine.
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