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  1. Cheeks clenched ever since the first wave of invites, I was born ready
  2. We’re all in this together, surviving this UoTorture
  3. Seeing invites going out today, and not being one of them, knowing your rejection is coming soon
  4. I feel in my bones there will be a wave of invites this week
  5. Regardless, whether or not I get an invite this thread made this process a lot easier to handle for me lol
  6. I’m surprised by the lack of grad student representation on the invite thread compared to last year’s thread.
  7. Which has amplified my anxiety significantly (p < 0.000001)
  8. No Gordon, I don’t think you know what good news is to me at this point. Don’t play with my heart strings.
  9. Any time I get an email that says “University” in the title gives me a mini heart attack. UoT pls
  10. If that was the case, wouldn’t you expect all Ontario Universities to require a science degree with strict requirements for entry? Even American schools are departing from the traditional pre-requisite science courses they once required. Tanking a course in 1st year of university is not uncommon, and I think it’s part of the reason why most schools weigh your GPA of your final years considerably higher, or eliminate the courses completely.
  11. I lost sleep last night thinking about this exact same thing. I know it’s for next year’s cycle... but there’s always the irrational side of me that thinks otherwise.
  12. I think so. Also, to me, it makes sense. I'm not discrediting those without a M.Sc. or a Ph.D., however interviewing grad students on the same day as those with an undergrad I feel puts the undergrad candidates at a disadvantage. Imagine a set of interviewers who just finished interviewing a very qualified undergraduate student, and a person who has a M.Sc. with publications comes in afterwards. The person with the publications can overshadow the accomplishments of the undergraduate student, even though they are a stellar candidate. It's like comparing apples with oranges. Intervie
  13. Not to sound rude, but the previous interview invite thread for UoT was already deleted because of people posting things other than their invite or regret. For the benefit of people this year, and for future applicants looking to see when people received invites, can we please keep this strictly about invites/regrets and save your questions for other threads?
  14. Don't quote me, but I heard from someone that the grad applicant pool are usually interviewed on the final interview days (last weekend of March, 1st weekend of April).
  15. This process has made me very neurotic, so I tend to overthink every possible detail lol. Thanks for the reply!
  16. Silly question. Does anyone know if the order in which we received our interview invites corresponds to any sort of initial ranking they have of candidates?
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