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  1. This might be a shot in the dark, but is there anyone on here that is in currently in Med School or beyond that had the sign the CEQ? Even better - anyone that actually stayed in Quebec to practice and was assigned by the minister to a region of need? I'm interested in discussing the logistics of how this all plays out.
  2. Posting for the first time hopefully to give others hope, particularly OOP's with underwhelming stats. I know that this may not be a perfectly representative sample of all applicants, but I've checked this website for a long time and have often been overwhelmed by the stats of others. TIME STAMP: Mon Mar 26th @ 10:09pm (Checked Minerva for the first time around 12:30 and it was up) Result: Accepted Region: OOP Year: Graduated Masters in 2016, Undergrad in 2014 cGPA: 3.87, pre-reqGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 510 (125/127/127/131) - Again pretty underwhelming but I cont
  3. This might just be neuroticism speaking, but I'm an OOP, haven't received an email yet but have "Accepted with Conditions" on Minerva. The conditions part would make sense to me if I was in the process of a degree but I finished my last degree in 2016, completed all the pre-requisites previously, etc. The only thing I haven't done that I would think I need to do before the program is sign a contract and CPR, does everyone receive accepted with conditions?
  4. I can appreciate the benefit of having at least "workable" French (in the context of medicine) in Montreal for sure, and were I to be admitted I would definitely take the opportunity to improve my french. I've actually been thinking for some time to try one of those 6 week language immersion programs in Quebec but studying medicine and being immersed for 4 years would be even better. I called the admissions office yesterday and spoke to the primary contact they had for admissions. She said they had tossed around the idea of adding a station or two in French for the English interviews but
  5. Ok, thanks for your input. From what I can see on the website it looks like you could do it all in english: "Our application process is fully bilingual and students may interact with us from first phone call or email to multiple mini-interviews in either English or French. We believe strongly in allowing applicants to put their best foot forward during the process. Our selection process aims at identifying the characteristics of an excellent future physician, and does not aim to be a language test." It's just surprising given their expectation that applicants know French and English: "W
  6. Hi everyone, Long time lurker, first time poster. Just got taken off the waitlist and awarded an interview for the OOP stream tonight. I put on my CV that I was took French Immersion from Kindergarten until grade 12. However, it's been almost 8 years since I graduated high school and I've only had the opportunity to speak french a few times since then. I know if immersed it would come back to me but does anyone know if they test your french during the interview process? (I applied to the English stream). Wondering how much time in the next 3 weeks I should devote to brushing up on
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