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  1. ^ Funny enough this came up on my instagram right after reading this thread lol.
  2. Just throwing my two cents in here... If I ever have to see an OT one day, or my children or family members do, I would rather the OT be someone that was dedicated to their job and helping others enough to have gone out of their way to do something like volunteering their time, instead of someone that got good marks in undergrad. Undergrad is a very different animal. Also, volunteering takes dedication and can help someone develop crucial soft skills to prepare them for the field. Remember, admissions departments are looking for people that will succeed in their programs, and that doesn't just
  3. Accepted to Western and Toronto for PT. Will be accepting Toronto. Looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall!
  4. Less than two days now! How's everybody feeling? Any tips for coping with nerves??
  5. I think each school might be different. Might hear from some at midnight and some later in the morning.
  6. After cap invites will gpa really make that much of a difference? Everyone will be within like 0.2 of each other at this point. Then again I don't know what the cut off was but I'm assuming around 3.8 or so...
  7. Depends how many schools you apply to I suppose. I applied to four so that's over 300 spots I have a chance at. Plus they send out more offers knowing some people won't accept. Trying to stay optimistic without getting my hopes up too much. Can't wait until the wait is over!
  8. Hey there, There's a big thread called ot/pt accepted/rejected2018 that should have the info you are looking for. It's updated with people's acceptances pretty regularly.
  9. I found it alright! I practiced a lot with the website so I was pretty comfortable doing the real thing. Was able to think of things to talk about for all of the questions. Found the CAP test much more challenging.
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