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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing some of the details/notes of the technical check in session that happened this evening. My home internet cut out on me and I wasn't able to be there on time. I'm hoping I didn't miss any critical information? Or was there some sort of attendance taken during the zoom call?
  2. Would you mind sharing some more specigic details on the ZOOM info session, I wasn't able to attend either session. Like were there any specific details regarding the structure of the MMI or important Q's that were asked. Thank you very much!
  3. I'm hoenstly not sure if I can say as they make you sign a confidentiality contract, but they aren't like typical interview questions, more like random questions just for you to talk and respond to for practice. I don't see the questions they ask being the ones similar to the actual interview, at least I hope not.
  4. OH Yeah, I had the same feeling. I actually did the technology test, but didn't have my ID card thing prepped or the proper Official Government ID, and just kind of used it as a test to see if my audio qualioty was worknig or not. But seeing how official it was, its make me think that they might actyually REVIEW these videos to check for quality. I'm going to see if I can do the tech test again this time with the proper material and see if it works out
  5. Finally it's over. Thank you to everyone in this thread. The support and the eagerness to find valuable information has been supremely helpful. See you all next year.
  6. nope, me neither. kind of hoping they send it soon, so I can mentally get it out of my mind.
  7. Wasn't there supposed to be the remaining offers from UfT today? Since the first waitlist offers expired yesterday or am I missing something? Did anyone get accepted today?
  8. yup, just edited my post. If the time stamp theory is correct I haven't a chance but we'll see.
  9. Sure thing! creation time :7:45.20 wGPA: 3.97 Stream: english, IP
  10. I'm really hoping todays the day we see a lot more movement. This silence is killing me. Every email I get gives me a mild panic attack
  11. Anyone get an email from UfT today yet? Nothing on my end yet.
  12. Thank you both. You were right. I just had to be patient. It took about 30 ish hours before I got the email and could upload my documents. But everything is good now Goooood luck
  13. Hi everyone, I'm trying to submit my support documents (CV, POCR, etc) after already submitting my application (including paying the application fee), however, there is no option to do so. On my "Applicant Menu" on Minerva, there is the option to "Apply for Admission" and then review the details on the app I just submitted, however, there is no option on this page to submit documents for this application. I feel like there should be a section on the "Applicant Menu" to review the status of my application or something, but its just not there. What should I do? And has anyone else faced thi
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