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  1. It still says "ready for review". Does this mean it's a rejection, since some people's have already changed?
  2. Hi, I'm looking over the McGill application and I don't see any reference letter section or any form that a referee would need to fill out. Does the application not require references? Thanks
  3. Some people also don't have the button, including one person who interviewed @ UofT
  4. Someone got an offer on OMSAS on the other thread for UofT
  5. I don't have anything on OMSAS for UofT. Button also showed up, but looks like it will be showing up for everyone. Sigh.
  6. Did it come exactly at midnight last year or some minutes/an hour after?
  7. If the OMSAS midnight glitch doesn't happen, do offers show on OMSAS after e-mails the following day, or before emails? Sorry if this has already been asked
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