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  1. Also interested, missed the boat for Mac interview with highish GPA ~3.95. Hoping ottawa is different (and Alberta).
  2. Honestly it is all just speculation on the Queens forum. After reading your UBC posts, I really hope you get that interview to Queens though. With all subsections over 127 you certainly are not in a bad place though, having a balanced score is probably seen as a positive?
  3. Got a final in the morning too! Hoping I don't wake up to an R and then have to go write a test haha.
  4. I'm not too familiar with the U of T grad school reference, but for a verifier you could certainly find someone else to put down which would be much less of a risk.
  5. Ya I think it is worth it. No posted cut offs as far as I know. Great overall MCAT and GPA.
  6. UBC application seems pretty similar to OMSAS, so it will take roughly the same amount of time. Writing ABS entries takes a while.
  7. I believe you have a shot at UBC, Toronto, Ottawa, McGill, possibly Dalhousie. Do not have chance at Alberta, Calgary, Sask, Manitoba, McMaster, Western due to MCAT / MCAT cars restrictions. Queens and NOSM are very unlikely. I can't speak for other Quebec/Maritime schools.
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