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  1. Are decisions even coming out today? In the acknowledgement e-mail, it said Late Jan lol.
  2. To be honest, it's probably just a way for them to gauge whether they should use it or not in the future. I doubt it will be used this year if its optional (it won't be fair otherwise). It's similar to how uOttawa used to recommend submitting a MCAT score (because they wanted it for research purposes to see if they should end up including it in the future).
  3. I specifically asked admissions about this, given my circumstances (i'm just below the 3.85 cut-off). They said they anticipate the cut-off being 3.85, but also mentioned that its difficult to predict what it will really be since its the first time they are using cGPA. And they told me the decisions to apply is up to me. Very ambiguous.
  4. So does this mean that we shouldn't even bother putting anything other than our top 3 in each category? Meaning, only have 3 activities in each category? I'm only applying to Ottawa.
  5. I'm curious about my situation as well. I have strong ECs and will give my best shot on CASPer, but i'm sitting at a 3.80 cGPA (according to Ottawa's calculation). Still worth applying? Admissions told me that they aren't even certain about their cut-off for the coming cycle. Thanks.
  6. Yeah I wish it wasn't so ambiguous. I'm just below the 'cut-off' at 3.80. I don't want to end up applying if they are just going to end up discarding my application any way. I wish it was clearer.
  7. I got some clarification on this by e-mailing adcoms. They said: "We anticipate that the minimum cut-off will remain the same at 3.85/4.0 for Ontario residents. However, since this will be our first year using a cGPA it is very difficult to predict if there will be any changes applied to the minimum cut-offs." So who knows...
  8. Interesting change. I've taken 5 courses in each term from 2nd year to 4th year. I took a summer course during one of those years, which I didn't do so well in. Will this be incorporated into the calculation of my GPA, even if I have 5 courses per each regular semester? Thanks
  9. When I log into OMSAS 2020, I see the following: Required prerequisite courses for the University of Ottawa: 1 full-year course (or 2 semester-long courses) in general biology/zoology, including laboratory session 1 full-year course (or 2 semester-long courses) in humanities/social sciences (language courses are not accepted) The equivalent of 2 full-year courses (or 4 semester-long courses) from the following chemistry courses: General biochemistry with or without laboratory session General chemistry with laboratory session
  10. Hi everyone, I know this has been briefly discussed in other threads, but I'd like to start a discussion around MD/PhD programs. Option 1: enroll into a joint MD/PhD program, where you complete 2 years of MD, then transfer to your PhD (3 years), and then come back to complete the final 2 years of your MD. Option 2: enroll into a joint MD/PhD program that starts you off in your PhD, and then transition into MD years (not sure how many years), and then back to your PhD years Option 3: Complete PhD before pursuing MD Option 4: Complete MD, then pursue PhD during residency
  11. Hello, With the new requirements for uOttawa Med, I now have to retake General Chemistry I. I recently moved to Ottawa. Which school would you think is better for taking this course? uOttawa or Carleton? Also, would I have to re-do all the lab work as well? Thanks
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