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  1. Oh yeah true. But I meant as in, what's the last position someone can be on the waitlist before they are officially "rejected". Does it cap at a particular number like in the 100s?
  2. Ah ok. Does anyone know how far the waitlist even goes from previous years?
  3. Hey everyone, Is anyone interested in practicing for McGill MMI in French? We can set Zoom calls over the next weeks to practice in groups. Good Luck!
  4. Did anyone not get an email? I checked minerva and got "Further review required" but no email??
  5. Hi Everyone, Finally the application cycle is closed and we can breath a little until interviews However, I am wondering, does anyone else have their casper on their Minerva checklist as "Not received/not processed" yet? I did mine on the 25th of October in French. So if anyone else also did it the same date, could you please tell me if you see the same thing? Thank you and good luck to all of you!
  6. Oui, j'ai confirmé avec le bureau! Il faut envoyer le relevé de note non-officiel ou relevé de note officiel électronique avant le 1er novembre, mais il faut envoyer le relevé de note officiel papier avant le 1er décembre. Merci tout le monde
  7. Est-ce que c'est maintenant le 1 Décembre la date limite pour les relever de notes officiel?
  8. D'accord merci. Et pour la date limite? Car je viens de voir cette information:
  9. Bonjour! Est-ce que quelqu'un connais la date limite pour envoyer les relever de note officiel a envoyer à Sherbrooke? Est-ce que c'est plus tard que le 1 Novembre comme l'UdeM (11 Novembre)? Aussi, est-ce que on peut les scanner et les envoyer en-ligne via le portail "Formulaire d’envoi de documents"? Merci
  10. Hi all! Is anyone having issues with login into Minerva for the first time? I entered my ID and my PIN (YYMMDD), but it doesn't let me login... Thank you! EDIT: Got it !
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