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  1. Hey everyone, Is anyone interested in practicing for McGill MMI in French? We can set Zoom calls over the next weeks to practice in groups. Good Luck!
  2. Did anyone not get an email? I checked minerva and got "Further review required" but no email??
  3. Hi Everyone, Finally the application cycle is closed and we can breath a little until interviews However, I am wondering, does anyone else have their casper on their Minerva checklist as "Not received/not processed" yet? I did mine on the 25th of October in French. So if anyone else also did it the same date, could you please tell me if you see the same thing? Thank you and good luck to all of you!
  4. Oui, j'ai confirmé avec le bureau! Il faut envoyer le relevé de note non-officiel ou relevé de note officiel électronique avant le 1er novembre, mais il faut envoyer le relevé de note officiel papier avant le 1er décembre. Merci tout le monde
  5. Est-ce que c'est maintenant le 1 Décembre la date limite pour les relever de notes officiel?
  6. D'accord merci. Et pour la date limite? Car je viens de voir cette information:
  7. Bonjour! Est-ce que quelqu'un connais la date limite pour envoyer les relever de note officiel a envoyer à Sherbrooke? Est-ce que c'est plus tard que le 1 Novembre comme l'UdeM (11 Novembre)? Aussi, est-ce que on peut les scanner et les envoyer en-ligne via le portail "Formulaire d’envoi de documents"? Merci
  8. Hi all! Is anyone having issues with login into Minerva for the first time? I entered my ID and my PIN (YYMMDD), but it doesn't let me login... Thank you! EDIT: Got it !
  9. "Winter 2020 semester credits will not be considered when assessing eligibility related to full-time studies" This is part of the new admission for 2020-2021 applicants. Does anyone know what they mean? Does this mean that if I had 5 classes in Winter 2020 (i.e. 15 credits), those credits will not count as part of my total credits to be considered a full time student for that year? I think I'm misinterpreting it, but if anyone can rephrase it would be nice. Thanks!
  10. I tried doing what you did and moved the dates back by a year, but it didn't change anything (last time I checked, but I'll try again today). For the first page of the workbook, did you you put your first bachelor and than the second one? I also put all my grades in chronological order, how about you?
  11. Hi everyone!! 1) Did anyone get into McGill based on their second university degree? If so, does having a second degree look bad or less competitive? I only did my second bachelor out of interest and to boost my GPA. On the McGill website it says "Applicants may be considered on the basis of a second, subsequent undergraduate degree (minimum 60 credits)". I am graduating in spring 2021 with all my credits, so no issues there. However, I am just wondering if I will be considered on the same level as applicants with only a first degree. 2) After entering all my grades in last year's th
  12. Hi, random question. I thought McGill took GPA and now cote R? I calculated my GPA on the 4.0 scale....do they use cote R for out of Quebec students (I'm from Ontario)? On the website stats it's on the on the 4.0 scale. Just want to confirm.
  13. Bonjour tous le monde! Je suis un étudiant de l'Ontario (mais résident Québecois) et je me demandais comment est-ce que l'UdM fais le calcul du GPA pour l'évaluation du dossier scolaire? J'ai un bac en science que j'ai gradué en 2018, et je finis mon bac en psychologie en 2021. Ma question est la suivante: Est-ce que UdM regarder toutes les notes que j'ai (donc un cGPA de mes deux bac avec toutes les notes que j'ai jusqu'à présent) ou seulement les notes de mon deuxième bac? Je sais par exemple que McGill va seulement faire un calcul du GPA avec les notes de mon deuxième bac, mais commen
  14. Thank you for the help! I will take all of that in consideration
  15. Thank you for your response! Last question I am wondering haha. For the "academic history workbook" it seems that the McGill equivalent cGPA makes a calculation that includes both my bachelors' (ie. all my grades). However, on the McGill website, it says "Applicants may be considered on the basis of a second, subsequent undergraduate degree (minimum 60 credits). However, 45 consecutive graded credits (in a second/alternate bachelor's degree program) must be completed by the November 1 application deadline." I already have more than 45 consecutive graded credits in my second bac
  16. Ok, I was thinking about keeping a mix of the most recent AND relevant entries that I feel like would be a good plus for medical school. And I see what you mean, so keeping it more to unique things is the way to go. Also, I am not completely sure, but is "bilingualism" something I indicate in the application (ie. when I pay), Minerva directly or should I add it to my "skills and hobbies" section? (I am asking because I am actually trilingual)
  17. Perfect thank you! How many words per entries do you think is too much or too little? Or does it depends on the amount of entries as well at that point?
  18. Thank you! Do you guys have any tips on how to make a good CV. I am trying to make it balanced, and I was thinking about putting 3-4 entries per sections (to not go over the 2 pages). However, how long do you think the description it-self should be? I'm aiming for quality over quantity, but with that mindset I am trying to write a more meaningful description.
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