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  1. I am currently in a Kin program and the courses are generally easy I personally find the program fascinating since it’s mainly about health and health improvement. They go into a lot of interesting detail in Kin regarding health.
  2. If you had an unusual situation that cause you to do poorly on your 1st degree they UoT will only look at your 2nd degree. Yes the other schools, including Dalhousie, will only look at your last 2 years of 2nd degree. https://md.utoronto.ca/news/admissions-blog-upgrading-your-gpa
  3. Hello, thank you very much for your answer. English has historically been my weakest subject in school. Nevertheless, I have consistently been getting 4/6 and 3/4 answers right from **DELETED** CARS practice questions. This is the first time I have ever worked with CARS passages I will surely look into the materials you have referred to me. Thanks you
  4. How does one prepare for the Cars section? Should I take English classes in order to improve my reading comprehension? Any tips?! thanks
  5. Thank you for your response. It’s great to hear that American med schools will not care. Honestly they were my primary concern regarding this. Yes I will call the Canadian med schools I am eligible for
  6. I got into Biomed science and Kin with a 2.6 in my 1st degree. I m doing my 2nd UG at another institution. Do a UG that you enjoy and its not subjective in nature to get a 3.9. GL
  7. Hello, So I just found out that I will be able to complete my 2nd degree in 2 years instead of 3. I would be taking 3rd and 4th years courses on a full course load basis both years. Nevertheless, I am a bit confused about how I will complete my prerequisite courses for American med schools (and some Canadian). Would taking my prerequisite (organic, inorganic, etc) during a extended or 5th year of my degree still make my GPA from that year eligible for med school GPA calculations? I would essentially be taking 5 1st year courses each semester of my 5th year. Thanks
  8. I am a RN also applying. What type of RN experience did you have?
  9. Would you mind sharing what type of health care work experience? I am a registered nurse and would like to know what work experience I can get involved in that would benefit my application
  10. Thank you. Any form of communication would be appreciated.
  11. Your 1st degrees transfer credits will make your 2nd degree much shorter. Also, Queens, UoT, Queens and McGill will only look at your 2nd degree. I am in the same shoes as you.
  12. I am also doing a 2nd degree. I’m not sure why you are doing one tho cause 84% gpa isn’t bad at all
  13. Hey! Yes over the years in nursing school I became more familiar with the question style and adjusted my approach to studying. The issue again is with subjectivity and answering questions that are science based. From my logic they never go hand in hand. Science is objective but in nursing (mainly in the upper year classes) they combine subjective notion, such as empathy, within the question. On test you have to pick the “most right answer” and not the “right” answer. In addition, very few people had good gpa (3.7 and above). The goal of most students was always to just pass.
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