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  1. Being a multiple re-applicant (and finally interviewing for the first time last year), the annual process of writing essays, applications is really taking it's toll. I'm retaking the MCAT AGAIN (3x) to open more doors. Family is of lower SES, so my family is usually never around due to difficult work schedules. When I want to vent to friends to at least get rid of the bottled up feelings about this process, they either don't understand that feeling of being a reapplicant OR simply tells me to "give up, it's not worth it." But to me, medicine extremely worth it and I am intrinsically motivate
  2. I remember someone make a post previously stating that when they asked admissions, they told him/her that GPA is still looked at competitively, meeting the wGPA cutoff pushes you to a file review where the wGPA is still considered.
  3. Hey everyone, Looking for 1-2 partner(s) to meet up IN-PERSON for panel prep at a local Starbucks or university/college campuses in the Toronto/Scarborough/Richmond Hill/Markham regions. I am looking to do about 2-3 sessions per week before the end of February! Reply to the post and I'll DM you as soon as I can! Cheers!
  4. Came across a post on another web forum (R E D D I T) talking about how along the general process, demoralization commonly occurring within the learning setting, starting as early as they enter 1st year medicine. How true is this within Canadian medicine and what advice(s) would you insist to those who have not yet/beginning their journey? *https://www.r e d d i t.com/r/medicine/comments/a6b840/this_made_me_sad_and_angry_thoughts/ *erase the spaces.
  5. Thanks! Yeah, I emailed admissions and they said you can use a pass/fail course from the summer of one year to make up the missing course (provided it wasn't a prereq) in another year. It's definitely good to get a solidify answer on this
  6. Go to academic background A few letter grades were missing a + and they included my pass/failed grades courses in the GPA (which have a GPA 0.00) which aren’t suppose to be in the calculation.
  7. The OMSAS calculations are currently out AND I strongly suggest you go through them carefully, I already found a few mistakes in my GPA.
  8. Hey, I'm currently looking for resources (or even a webpage) that can kind of briefly showcase ongoing issues and trends for Canadian healthcare - I know cannabis, medical assisted suicide, mental health + burnout, shortages, and AI-assisted technology are amongst the top issues/trends right now, but I think I may be missing some major issues. So I was wonder if any resources are available to help me touch up on some other issues/trends?
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