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  1. I'm also curious to know what people think of this. To me it seems likely. With regards to grad applicants, their website says "a minimum GPA of 3.7 is considered competitive for graduate applicants" as opposed to 3.8 which is listed for undergraduate applicants. Given that most people seem to agree (and confirmed by the stats posted by UofT) that 3.9+ is actually what might be considered competitive for undergraduates, I would suspect that 3.8 would be closer to what is actually competitive. Source: https://applymd.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements In the past I recall that the
  2. Look at the admission blog, and Dr. Panaccione's message in the comments below: http://mdadmissions.ucalgaryblogs.ca/2020/03/12/re-mmi-march-14-2020-cancelled/#comments Anything outside of this, and the email they sent is pure speculation. The facts are: No virtual interviews March 14th people will get another shot in the next cycle March 14th people will still have a shot at getting in this cycle Unclear: How those with interviews will be assessed vs those without interviews
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