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  1. Panik: Had a dream that we would hear about admissions on May 40th. Kalm: Woke up, and recognized that date does not exist. Also then we got the actual d-day email. : Realized that notifications from the waitlist would extend further than a hypothetical May 40th...
  2. I imagine that UBC will try to stick to a similar timeline for d-day as in previous years. The Ontario schools are still releasing results on May 12th and some had interviews in late March!
  3. I love this speculation, something relatively light and out of our control. I honestly quite liked the blood orange colour from the vote last year, but then again I wouldn't care if it was polka-dotted and had flashing lights and bells, if it comes with the acceptance.
  4. Same here! I wonder if students had the opportunity to vote again this year, I think last time they had to post a photo with their backpack to get the link to vote. I really don't think that the votes determine which colour is chosen but it would be nice to know what the potential options are.. lol Also thought the same thing about the two greens but then again class of 2016 and 2017 both have variations of blue!
  5. Someone earlier in the thread had posted the email response from OAS which included the line above. It sucks that you just missed the cut off but it definitely is a positive indictor of your strength as a candidate, especially with any IP applications. Don't loose hope!!
  6. I am an Ontario applicant and I have had two verifiers (1 employment & 1 volunteer) contacted today. I wouldn't worry it is so early in the cycle. This is my second time applying, last time I had several verifiers contacted in November.
  7. I just called, they said that they were working hard to get the invites out this week but it may be next week.
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