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  1. I am starting my first year of OT at Western and currently very nervous! We are required to take 7 courses per semester and must earn a 65% in each course or will be required to withdraw from the program. I haven't heard of anybody needing to withdraw because they did not pass a course but it's been a few years since I have been in school so I'm worried it might be difficult for me. How difficult is it to keep up with the OT workload? Is it at all similar to undergrad or different (easier/harder)? Thank you!
  2. Hello, I just realized on ORPAS it said final transcripts must be submitted by June 30th and was wondering if this is only applicable if your Bachelor's Degree has not been completed or everyone has to submit regardless? I completed my Bachelor's Degree back in 2016 from one University and nothing on my transcript has changed since I applied. I also completed 2 courses as open studies/continuing education at a different University since I applied, so will I need to request a new transcript from that University? I'm worried that my University won't be able to send my transcripts to ORPAS b
  3. For sGPA, they take your most recent 20 courses and each grade is converted to a number on the 4.0 scale right here - https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-conversion-table/. So first, find the grading scale used for your university and then convert each of your grade to a number on the 4.0 scale. If the 20 courses falls in the middle of a year, they will take the entire average of that duration and multiply it by the number of courses they need to fill that 20 courses. On ORPAS, it's shown as **Average**. There are some courses ORPAS does not include in their sGPA such as placement c
  4. If you don't have much experience, McMaster is the best option because they only look at sGPA and give interviews based on that. The cutoff was 3.77 but it was lowered to 3.74 or something last year, after the waitlist. You stand a very good chance at McMaster.
  5. I took a few courses in the Fall Semester at Ryerson Chang School as a continuing education student. On the ORPAS website, it lists a bunch of courses that are not included in the GPA Calculation and one of them was "Continuing Education Programs." Are they referring specifically to Continuing Education programs that are non-credited and taken at a specific continuing education institution rather than a University? The courses I took are undergraduate level courses FOR degree credit and they're the same courses as regular Ryerson undergraduate courses, just at night. So this would be in
  6. I do think she's referring to Ontario schools because under the reference part on ORPAS, it asks for the "'position" and "'department/company."
  7. If she's looking after the women's daughter that's fine to put down because the women herself is the employer. Put down private employer for "department/company," and maybe supervisor/owner for "position."
  8. MSc/Graduate level coursework are not included in the GPA calculations for OT/PT schools in Ontario but it does makes an impact. On the school's website, it states "we will certainly be interested in your prior success at the graduate level and encourage you to apply" so talk about your MSc in your personal statement and how this has prepared you for OT/PT school.
  9. I spoke to someone at UofT, as I'm also taking courses to upgrade, and they said taking a few is fine as long as you have a certain number of upper year courses for your last 20 unit.
  10. Yeah, kinda wish I knew how many people applied this year. 40 spots is quite a bit considering Western only has 58 spots!
  11. Now I’m wondering what he means by balance out, like is the admissions average going to be the same as last year or be lower lol
  12. Thank you for all the information!! Do you mind if I ask what you wore/what you recommend to wear?
  13. What happens if we get off the waitlist after April 4?
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