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  1. Sharpening my clinical skills for clerkship in general! I was already planning on reading up on derm before starting
  2. Most of IM is very related to derm, so get glowing evaluations, do some research/case reports. I think you should definitely give it a shot and maybe back-up with IM. Also, I would focus on where you have the most chances (i.e: try to get close to the derm department at your home school).
  3. Starting my clerkships with a 2-week elective... Is there any way I can sharpen my clinical skills before hand? Any key ressources?
  4. Did you do any electives in derm? If you speak french, you definitely have a chance in Quebec!
  5. Yeah that's the concern I have for applying to both, but I'm sure once the doctors get to know me, they will know that that's 100% not me haha. They're actually strikingly similar: 1. visual diagnosis 2. they take care of the specific problem from start to end (relatively independent from other fields) 3. lots of procedures, a nice mixture between medical and surgical treatments 4. fast pace (you see a ton of patients every day, compared to something like internal med or psyc) 5. similar lifestyle (this is obviously a big factor, I care much more about time and fl
  6. One thing to note is that I'm a Quebec student and I only plan on rotating/applying within Québec, while focusing on french schools primarily. Most people I know who got into quebec schools have only done 1 stage in their specialty of choice (including competitive surgical specialties like ORL, and derm)...
  7. Hi, I'm an M2 (soon to be M3) and my entire CV is pointing very clearly towards dermatology (research, volunteering, leadership activities, etc.) I recently realized that I prefer ophthalmology over dermatology, and I have to pick my electives in less than a week. I am thinking of doing research and spending the ENTIRE summer shadowing in my home faculty's ophthalmology department (in order to get more facetime with my home faculty, which is where I have the most chances of matching seeing as I'm currently not a competitive applicant) but I plan on KEEPING my dermatology accomplishm
  8. Good. French schools already do this. Let's standardize the process.
  9. Does anyone have some insight into how these two fields compare (in a non-cosmetic private practice in a big city)? In terms of Type of work/Procedures/How much writing is involved: Lifestyle: Average net income: Other important aspects to take into consideration:
  10. It would be a good idea to use M1 as a year to adapt to the workload and to shadow to get a sense of which specialty you want. Then, once you know what specialty you want (or get an idea of what you want), during the summer between M1 and M2, you do research and you ideally continue that research during M2.
  11. Are they like med school interviews? Are the evaluators usually people who are part of the department? Do they typically ask personal questions? Is there a time limit per station? What are the main differences between MMI and panel interviews? Please shed some light on this There isn't a lot of information on the internet about this.
  12. Fake it till you make it I don't think physical exams are that useful anyways
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