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  1. Hi everyoneI was wondering if any accepted or current UofT student would be willing to look over my BPEs and ABS statements ?Please PM me if so!Thanks in advance:)
  2. Hi everyone I was wondering if any current Western student would be willing to look over my ABS essays and give me some feedback about structure and content ? Please PM me if so! Thanks in advance
  3. For grad students who were co-supervised, did you ask a for a reference from one supervisor or did you have both supervisors contribute input to the CAF ?
  4. It looks like Western will essentially be the same as Queens. GPA/MCAT are just cutoffs and it's down to ECs and references from there. Disheartening tbh since Western was the only school that was transparent and didn't have the subjective element
  5. SWOMEN and just got rejected. Devastated to say the least especially after getting waitlisted after interview last year
  6. Does anyone know if get penalized for using bullet points ? I answered in full sentences for the most part but I used bullet points for some of the questions because I was running out of time and I didn't want to write incomplete answers.
  7. I realize it's a bit too late in the game but I was wondering if any current UofT student on here would be willing to look over my BPE/ABS essays ? I'd be willing to pay if necessary
  8. Hello everyone I interviewed at Schulich this year and got placed on the regular waitlist. I'm thinking of what to do going forward in case I don't get an offer this year. I'm SWOMEN with a 510 (129/126/128/127) and a 2Y GPA of 3.91. Does anyone recommend re-writing ? I'm worried that they will look at Psych next year and I wouldn't be able to meet the overall cutoff. It would be a bummer to lose out on an interview because of a point or two. This would be my 3rd attempt (First attempt was a 508). I'm working full time this summer so I'm worried that I could do worse or only marg
  9. Thanks everyone. Hopefully it will be okay I believe you should've received an invitation which allows you to set up an OWL account. The Med Admissions site should be there in your OWL account!
  10. Do any current Schulich students know if it's ok to use my existing UWO OWL account for the written component of the interview despite using a different email address on OMSAS ? The admissions office recommended that I link the OWL site for the writing component to my existing OWL account to avoid having duplicate accounts but I'm wondering if this will cause problems given that I used a different email for OMSAS. I'm not sure if they will be able to match both up when marking the written component Thanks in advance
  11. Thank you so much @rmorelan ! Your posts are always helpful (especially those related to UWO haha). I'm just a bit worried because I know a couple of SWOMEN people who ended up on a low waitlist last cycle and I haven't received other interviews so far. Not to mention I'd also really like to stay at Western too so hopefully it all goes well!
  12. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone can provide any tips on how to prepare for Western's panel interview ? Are there any specific resources you guys found helpful for this particular interview? I gathered that Western's panel seems to be relatively conversational and less intense overall compared to others . I'm not quite sure how much time to dedicate to practice situation/ethical MMI-style questions since it's not a MMI ? I'm also wondering to what extent did you guys incorporate your EC's and life experiences into your answers ? I'm asking because I feel like emphasizing EC's her
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