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  1. I second that!I just finished my first year and I can recall all the stress I experienced last year. We have created the Facebook group and you guys will receive an email in the next week or so to join. It is a closed group as we only want OT 2021 joining. In terms of housing, I would recommend Windsor Park (which is literally across from Corbett Hall, however on the pricey side). Other than that Whyte Ave and Jasper Ave are fairly reasonably priced. Also for those of you wondering about whether vehicles are needed for placements...my answer would be no. I am currently finishing my rural
  2. Hey everyone, I am a current OT student at UofA. For anyone wondering, admissions were sent out last year around April 27th. Best of luck everyone, the wait is almost over My GPA was 3.8.
  3. Hi everyone, This is a bit off topic, but I was wondering whether any newly accepted OT/PT students at UofA are looking for roommies? Is there any particular sites where students find accommodations near UofA? Any help is appreciated! Looking forward to meeting you all in the fall
  4. I got my acceptance letter this morning. I'm from Vancouver. ORPAS GPA was 3.78. Not sure what it was for UofA.
  5. That's what i thought as well. Hopefully we'll hear back this upcoming week. I am a BC resident, so probably they are sending them by province?
  6. No, not yet.. Are u Alberta resident? Also, would you mind sharing your GPA? I am getting nervous now
  7. Mine is 5. I googled what a sample academic CV should look like and most examples at UofT were appx 5pages.
  8. Applied: UBC, UofA, Western (all OT)Accepted: UofA, Western (accepted UofA offer)Waitlisted:Rejected:UBCGPA: cGPA:3.12; sGPA:3.78; 83-84% for UBC; 3.8 for UofAPerceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essay were OK (I feel quite confident with my personal statement essay). I graduated in 2013 and ever since I have been upgrading my GPA. I have been volunteering/working in the healthcare field since 2008, so I have thousands of hours. Confident with my references. I feel ok about the CASper test, but I think I could have done way better had it not been timed (oh, well!). Best of
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