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  1. What's everyone's opinion on releasing all the decisions on one day, rather than staggering them?
  2. Hey did anyone attend the info session today? Any interesting info? Like: Any acting, written, puzzle, teamwork stations? Do they still allow a single sheet of paper? Etc...
  3. Thanks for that. Can you explain the scoring to me? Also how do you think they weigh ECs, MCAT, GPA etc...
  4. Hey guys, does anyone the approximate interview invite breakdown? I was wondering if it's worth applying as OOP for this cycle. MCAT 522 Mediocre ECs ~3.6-3.7 GPA
  5. Ok, can you please give the highlights of this info session?
  6. Hello, Did anyone go to the MMI info session this year? I missed it and couldn't watch the web stream either. Does anyone know if the format changed this year or is it still the same stuff below? Ethics Problem Solving Quote No Acting/Drawing/Puzzle/Team stuff
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