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  1. UBC keep your file from last year right? So can I save characters and describe growth of roles in activities by referring to last year's app?
  2. Hope this works out for you. I have a feeling that a medical school of all schools will show empathy for you as well.
  3. This sounds very reasonable to include as awards, especially considering what you said about your status as co-investigator. However, I may be wrong, but I find it very hard to believe CIHR would award operation grants to projects where one of the principal investigator is an undergraduate student. My experience in research tells me that part of the judgment criteria for the extremely competitive operation grants is the qualifications of the personnel leading the project. No matter the accomplishment, an undergrad as a co-investigator just simply does not sound likely when grants that lis
  4. Anyone care to share what they wrote for "description" in the research section of the ABS? I read the sticky post here which recommended something like "Publication in X journal" but this seems repetitive since you go into detail on this in "type of publication". Also it doesn't seem to work if the same work was published and presented in a conference. How would you go about the description then? I was thinking of just stating my role at the time of a specific research contribution (e.g. Undergraduate Thesis Student) in the description box. Anyone else does the same?
  5. Thanks for your insight! You brought up some really good points that I did not consider - I forgot the casual nature of physician shadowing. I'm not personally concerned with my role, just concerned with the wording of the statement the perception of my role by the admission. The physician probably saw an opportunity to both engage youth in medicine/provide valuable experience and save costs.
  6. So UBC strongly discourages physician shadowing. I volunteer as a medical clinic assistant. Although it's not strictly "shadowing", my main responsibility is to interview patients and record their medical concerns. This sounds like exactly the kind of irresponsibility and breach of confidentiality UBC describes in their statement on physician shadowing. It's unfortunate that this experience has been one of those key experiences that inspired me to pursue medicine. But now I am worried that I can't even list it on my application. Thoughts?
  7. Wow cool if it's true. Did you do this in your own application and it was fine or do you have a source for this? Would you say Model UN participation and award befit capacity to work with others?
  8. Hello, I am struggling with choosing which category to list Model UN participation in. Intuitively I feel like it should be in Capacity to Work With Others but is this category reserved for activities related to special needs group? I'm interested to know what everyone thinks falls into this category. I also work in a very diverse/interdisciplinary research group, but it seems to be unfit for Capacity to Work with Others due to the people I work with being, well, co-workers.
  9. lol posts like this make me laugh, do you think everyone who got an invite post here?
  10. I interpret the first author statement as something that will give you an edge over other grad student applicants. Not having a first author publication does not mean you will be considered an undergrad, you will still be considered a graduate student because that is what you are, but it will just not be as stellar of an application as those with first author pubs.
  11. TIME STAMP: Feb 9, 12:16 pm Interview Date: March 4 (MD) Result: Invite cGPA: 3.93 MCAT: above cut off ECs: 2 summers working full-time in 2 different labs (one of them was supported by a faculty wide scholarship). National first place winner at Canadian Music Competition during university and national finalist during highschool . Full scholarship to attend a summer music training program in the US. Tons of ensemble/orchestral/band performance activities and music education related volunteering. Hospital volunteering with sick children for a year (>100 hours). Found
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