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  1. It was a Wednesday last year, and Tuesday the year before that! There's no rhyme or reason behind it.
  2. Yeah it's confusing! Perhaps it was supposed to be March 11-18th 2021?
  3. I noticed that the important dates section was updated for the next application cycle. However, it says the NL competition will receive notification of results March 11-18th, 2020... Wondering if this would be accurate for the current cycle or not?
  4. Yeah I think Limes hit the nail on the head.
  5. Anyone hear of people getting in with a 123 in the CARS section?
  6. Not to be pessimistic, but if they're serious about not giving a specific date in case of "power outages", I'd say that they probably won't make any announcements for a little bit longer. If decisions were done and ready to go out, I don't see the point of withholding any info the day before because of the possibility of a blackout
  7. it was a friday two years ago, so it straight up changes... as soon as we think there's some "rubric", that's when we get our hopes up!
  8. Yeah all the letters go out same day... acceptances first, then waitlists, and rejections in the afternoon I believe. I emailed the admissions office and they told me they'll be out this month lol
  9. I felt like everybody called last year but now no one seems to want to pick up the phone... I wouldn't say its unlikely, but next week is probably our best bet
  10. I feel like people are only saying march 6th because that was the date last year... It's always changing
  11. Not confirmed, but admissions were announced 3 business days after residency placements... Residency placements were announced today, so who knows?
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