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  1. Down!!! But it'll be very hectic with 200 people. We should organize something like a beach day and all hangout!
  2. A friend had your exact DAT score (lower RC score) and a 3.86 and got a UofT interview so I would definitely apply there. As for western, a strong application can carry a lower gpa. I would definitely roll the dice and apply, you won't lose anything (except for some $$$)
  3. I’d also like to add that you should only do a masters if you’re interested in research. Don’t do it purely for the sake of applying to med school.
  4. Has anyone mailed in their consent form and deposit and gotten any sort of confirmation from UofT that it has been received?
  5. I was told that it moved 36 spots last year but I am unsure of this information, I would maybe call and ask?
  6. I don't think you can quantify how much you need to talk. If you feel like you've given an answer to the question correctly, explained it thoroughly, and have said all that you need to say without repeating yourself, then that can take however long you need to take. You'll find in the interview that it's very much like a conversation and most people don't ramble on for more than 2-3 minutes. Now that may differ if the interviewer asks you an ethics based question for example where you may want to talk for a little bit longer to really explain your answer since that tends to involve a lot more
  7. my guess is that because by march 16, some people will reject their offers and then they have to give the same 2 week period for the waitlisted and I imagine some of those people might reject their offers as well
  8. If any dentistry/med students could chime in on commuting vs. living on campus that would be great as I'm having a hard time deciding. The financial argument is already a given and I am trying to save as much money as I can but at the same time I don't want commuting to come in the way of my studies. My commute would be around 45min one way to UofT. Basically is commuting doable or does it get very difficult? Cheers.
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