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  1. Not sure why people didn't mention DO schools in the states, A and A+s are 4.0 by the AACOMAS standards, so 2 years of solid marks + >512 MCAT should yield a reasonable chance at DO, if Canada doesn't work out. I know DOs are really receptive for reinvention as well, so something to consider
  2. Aha I'm not worried about the age, just if I should even try the Canadian med system Year 1: 3.76 Full Load Year 2: 3.82 Full Load Year 3: 3.72 Full Load Year 4: 3.68 Half Semester Year 5: 3.65 Half Semester This Year: 3.8 so far, can pull up to 3.9 Full Load That was my main focus until I was surprised with my MCAT score. I'll 100% apply to DO and MD in the states, but if I can go here without spending half a million on tuition, why not? 127 CARS unfortunately Ontario
  3. Hey guys, so basically I'm in 6th year and finishing off my degree (2 semesters off for 2 mcat attempts + bunch of credits that got leftover) and I'm wondering if there's any chance of getting into any Canadian med school. So stats: GPA: 3.75 MCAT: 519 (127 CARS) EC: nothing special, hospital/research lab/big brother/suicide hotline Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, for York university they don't send transcripts to a PO box, which is the only one listed on the aacomas site (since you can't sign at a po box). I tried looking for another place to mail it but couldn't find anything, does anyone have any tips on what to do? Thanks
  5. I only have 1 class right now, and for the MCAT I don't do more than 4-5 hours (unless taking an FL) per day. Plus my uni might go on strike giving me some free time. So just more of the same as listed above? Or anything else I can add?
  6. I see, thanks for letting me know. And one last thing - is there anything that you can think of that I can do until I submit my application this year that will help the most in terms of ECs?
  7. Understandable. But does that mean that is there no realistic hope for USMD if I try to apply this cycle? Damn, I didn't think I was that far behind
  8. So if I double my current time commitment in the lab to get around 150 hours and double my shadowing to around 30 hours with around 120 hours for the distress center, and assuming a great case scenario where I get something like 512 on the MCAT, would that be sufficient enough to at least get into DO?
  9. Well I worked at canada's wonderland (2 seasons) and a phone interview company (2 months). What can I do from now to the application season to be more competitive apart from a good MCAT?
  10. Hey guys, to keep it short: my gpa is 3.86 (or 3.9 depending on final decision of 1 class) my current MCAT is 504 (which I plan on retaking) for research I'll have 100 hours of lab volunteering/researching by june 48 hours volunteering in rehab hospital probably around 60 hours in a distress center by june as well and 10-15 hours shadowing by june Assuming I get around 510ish on my MCAT, should I even bother applying for USMD? And if I do bad, like 507 or so, do I have a solid chance at DO or will I have to take another year? And any suggestions as to
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