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  1. Result: Accepted GPA: 92% (best 2 years) DAT: 23AA/21PAT/19RC ABS: Research, presidency, lots of volunteering, lots of shadowing, worked in dental clinic, assistant coach. Interview: Honestly, I think I bombed it like after the interview I was like whyyyyyyyyyyy did I say thatttttt..... So honestly I am beyond grateful. Western was the only school I applied to and has been my dream school since high school. I hope everyone eventually makes their dream come true! Msg me if you need more info!
  2. TIMESTAMP: 11:15 AM GPA: 3.95 (92%) DAT SCORE: 23AA, 19 RC, 21 PAT YEAR OF STUDY: Undergrad IP/OOP: IP Interview Offer: Invite
  3. @FentistThank you! Do you mind sharing what you did to prep?
  4. Hey everyone I applied to western this cycle with the following stats: gpa: 3.95 (around 92%) DAT: PAT21/RC19/AA23 ABS: 2 research projects ( one is ongoing) where I was 2nd author Club president (1 year president 2 years Vice President) peer tutor for university (3 years) Vice President of another club (2 years) Construction worker (3 years) Dental office receptionist (2 years) Shadowing (120 hours) Assistant coach for soccer academy (3 years) built an adaptive, free sports program for disabled youth of my soccer academy commi
  5. Thank you! Do you think I should apply this cycle or focus on securing a 4.0 again to make my application stronger next year? (im doing a fifth year this upcoming year)
  6. Greetings! I am hoping to apply this year (or the next) for dentistry. My current stats: UWO - 92.5% best 2 year UOFT - 3.88 worst year dropped *DAT not written but expect to do well Extracurriculars: 2 President of clubs Research university tutor for 3 years Dental clinic receptionist for 4 years (full year) Construction worker for 3 years (summer job) Youth soccer academy coach assistant for 4 years (summer job) 350 Hours of dentistry shadowing With that in mind, what would you recomme
  7. Hey peeps, so i am planning on applying to dental school during my 5th year at york My best GPA for 2 best years were 4.0 which from what I understand becomes a 95% for Western. Now excluding my worst year my GPAs were 3.77 , 3.9 , 4.0 , 4.0 (for UofT.) Excluding DAT, how else can I improve my application to become very competitive? Attached is the current list of the ECs that I have done. Thank you!
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