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  1. As long as it answers the question appropriately, absolutely. The MMI stations are marked independently.
  2. The shadowing policies have changed so much back and forth in recent years but I think it is currently allowed for the new classes, at least at our school. It is not uncommon for students to feel uneasy with their first sight of copious blood (usually during OB) so don't feel bad if it happens to you but from everyone I heard they were able to get used to it!
  3. Wait I thought a couple years ago that they had become standardized! Which is why a lot of things no longer appear on the MSPR at our school. But yeah to answer the question, there's usually a section on transcript somewhere that will include Honor List
  4. No if you do not plan on having other credit-only courses. Pass/fail courses could make that year ineligible for the GPA calculation in some schools that use only select years, or it would have no effect in most schools that allow 1 P/F course. Things may have changed because of Covid and it's best that you check the requirements for schools yourself (although the requirements may also change by the time you apply), but I had 1 P/F course in a senior year and had no problems with applications.
  5. I don't think they would ever consider why you DIDN'T pick someone for your reference letter. They only care that the letter can attest to your attributes and is written by someone appropriate. Some schools specify that they want someone academic and someone extracurricular.
  6. For letter, as long as it's sent in before the deadline it'll be okay. Keep in mind that your school's elective evaluations likely have an earlier cutoff so that admin can get them all sorted and sent to Carms also before the deadline
  7. For Dal if I remember they use 2 of your years to calculate GPA if you had full course loads, so you can choose to select the more senior years
  8. It's normal to feel burnt out during the application process and we've all had doubts about if we are good enough for medicine. I can't comment on your candidacy, but this is a time to reflect on if medicine is for you. There are many rewarding careers, yet some people wouldn't be happy doing anything else, like you also mentioned. Keep in mind that there are always more qualified applicants than spots available, and some factors each year are truly out of our control, including the competitiveness of other applicants. If you don't rank high enough for an offer this year, it doesn't mean
  9. You can choose different formats according to what makes sense to that activity. If you did regular hours, put h/week, and total hours if not. It would not hurt to include the activity that you did for many years and which technically does fall within the required timeframe, although it would not be a priority if you lacked entry spaces. I'm assuming you are completing your undergraduate, so your job in grade 12 would be acceptable.
  10. It is an appropriate item to place in that section and it only helps if you did win an award from it. Otherwise, it still shows involvement and commitment in research. Include it if you have space
  11. You would be able to pay a deposit to one school then change your mind when you get a later acceptance to a different school (but likely forfeit the earlier deposit if it wasn't refundable). The statement is mostly to remind you to be courteous and notify schools asap if you've changed your mind regarding attendance, so that they can move on with their waitlist and let someone else in.
  12. It's more like a research course, where you talk about the process of research, do some paper reviews etc. You're matched to a researcher with a small group of other students, based on interest. You meet 4 times in the first year and 2 times in Med 2, and it's really just a couple hours of commitment since it's not an actual project in a lab. Not sure what you're referring to for "lab course", but we have histology and anatomy labs as learning environments (not research). I'm not familiar with APP but by the name of it it sounds like small group learning, which we do have approximat
  13. Really not many do. The recommendation is that you're better off using your time if not on studies then on other activities that would enhance your CV or wellbeing. Depending on what kind of job you have, consider if it is worth your precious time. Med school can be a lot to handle, and if you find that manageable, you can find ways to make it super fun. If it's due to finances, you shouldn't have to worry about a job
  14. Yup! Most banks just need your acceptance letter, and you'll later need to provide proof of enrolment. Some branches want that proof upfront, but you can definitely start shopping
  15. It's counted towards your credits but not towards your GPA. There might be limits to how many P/F courses you have per semester/year depending on the school. If you just have one, you'll have no problems.
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