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  1. Hi Guys, I have friend who is applying to medical schools in Ontario this upcoming summer and I was wondering for those who had interviews to both Ottawa/Mac or Mac (with lower GPAs and CARS), what would you guys recommend for preparation, resources and techniques? I received an interview only from Mac this past cycle with decent GPA and CARS so I assumed my CASPer to be more on the mediocre side but just wanted some advice from the rest of you guys!
  2. Result: Accepted off the waitlist, May 28th 3:19 PM, Hamilton Campus cGPA: 3.9 CARS: 128 CASPer: Felt ALRIGHT, not great because I didn't get an interview from UOttawa but it felt decent. Spent about two weeks prepping after I handed in my OMSAS application with friends and did about two full-length tests from prep companies. Interview: 5 stations felt REALLY good, 2 felt decent and the rest mediocre. I think it was very important for me to have a structure in my answers but also find a balance in having an answer that is free-flowing and connects to personal experiences!
  3. Accepted to Hamilton Campus from the waitlist! Timestamp around 3:19 PM! Honestly, I had lost all hope and was working on my AMCAS application but I could not be more grateful! Looking at this forum and the waitlist community, they have been really supportive. Thanks to everyone guys and best of luck!
  4. Looking at old threads, you are right, but its hard to expect anything at this point. If it happens, I guess it'll be a nice surprise. I can imagine it sucks Punkwich, this waiting process and uncertainty is a killer but if anything, I guess there's always next year and we should be proud of how far we got! I know its hard to be, at this moment but maybe its for the best
  5. Same here, starting to lose almost all the hope I had
  6. Congrats on your acceptance! What was the timestamp?
  7. Timestamp? Edit: I just saw the other post, I'm sorry LOL All the best at Mac!
  8. No news here as well Last year, I believe the emails started to come starting May 18th onwards. At least according to the posts on the Accepted/Rejected/Waitlist topic. So maybe we'll hear something end of this week or more likely next week!
  9. I can imagine the stress with another few weeks of uncertainty! I REALLY hope you get into one of the schools that waitlisted you!
  10. Thank you! I guess the wait just makes doubt myself, more and more LOL
  11. Just wanted to confirm, that there is no low/high, good/bad waitlist for Mac like there is for Western and Ottawa? LOL
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