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  1. Yeah I was confused as to why people would adapt their GPA when talking about their extenuating circumstances, like : 3.72, without EC 3.83 with EC, so im assuming there might be a bit of a change?
  2. hey guys, is there anyone on the waitlist that decided to remove themselves? Or is anyone on the waitlist that is already accepted elsewhere and is planning on not accepting their spot?
  3. people on the waitlist this year have the worst luck for IP, i know im devastated that this is the first year it doesnt move.
  4. no they don't it's still at 3, they update it every time !
  5. the IP waitlist movement is literally a joke
  6. Salut! est ce que il y a du monde qui sont acceptes en med dent a mcgill, mais qui attendent des reponses de U de M?
  7. guys is it possible that there hasnt been movement in over a month? Does this mean the waitlist is basically done ? lol
  8. Hey guys, I've been reading the forums to get an answer, but i've been getting mixed responses. I want to retake phgy 209 and biol 200 ( I did them at mcgill), since I want to increase my science GPA. Concordia doesnt allow students to retake an equivalent of phgy 209 without being in the exercise science program, and I'm not entirely sure about biol 200. Does anyone know specific online classes and universities that offer these 2 classes? Please let me know, it would really help me so much
  9. is it worrisome that none of the WL moved lol
  10. honnetement U de M est tellement pas organize lol je comprends pas comment ils savent pas c'est quand que les reponses vont sortir, j'ai jamais eu ce probleme avec les autres universites
  11. J'ai appele l'admission et la madame m'avait dit que son superieur lui a dit que les LA vont sortir d'ici la semaine prochaine!
  12. Hello everyone, For those who were either waitlisted or rejected from dentistry or medicine at mcgill, do you know what you will do if you were to have to apply again next year? I would love to insight as I am lost, and don't know what to do, I don't really have a back up plan. Some people tend to year a gap year, while others try to start a master's degree. I would love to hear what some of you might have planned. Also, does anyone know where we can retake our pre-reqs if you have already graduated? I am about to graduate from my undergrad at mcgill, and would like to know where s
  13. hey guys, just found this movement list form 2015 2015 - IP March 16 - results March 18 - 1 March 20 - 2 March 26 - 3 March 30 - 5 June 10 - 6 June 17 - 7 July 30 - 8 August 5 - 9 August 10 - 10 August 14 - 12
  14. does anyone have any IP waitlist movement info from people who were accepted, or rumours or anything, really need some hope right now
  15. yeah, I called sophie today and she said that, for IP it will move during may and june, when offers start to come in for other schools
  16. the minerva number doesnt usually change. You're expected to know based off of the waitlist offers on their website!
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