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  1. So Western tried contacting your verifier via email and they missed the email?
  2. So I didn't realize that the fee for the application for Macs PA program was due yesterday which I did not send out yet. Has anyone had experience sending in their payment late or know if they give some leniency to this deadline?
  3. Has anyone heard of somebody getting an interview at Queen's with a 507 score overall? I see people have gotten interviews with 508 but haven't seen any with 507
  4. He explicitly said invite wave early next week, the 2 week thing is more something they try to do but it's not like a law or something
  5. Just talked to them and confirmed there will still be one more wave next week
  6. Where did you get this idea about increasing interviews due to qualified applicants
  7. Well tomorrow will be the last day before 2 weeks until the 7th. Does that mean that's probably the last day for interview invites?
  8. So at this point has everyone's file been reviewed and they have a pile that they are going to invite next week?
  9. So I meet all of their prerequisite courses, but for some reason the URLs that I put in are not working as it seems like OMSAS for some reason added a random space in the URL. Will this disqualify me from interview?
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