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  1. Hey guys, If I end up deciding not to write the MCAT during the Bronze Zone Deadline (one week or so before the exam), will it show up on my file at all? Will it show "no attempt" (in other words, will med schools see that I was going to write it but decided not to)? I might apply to US med schools so I don't want to risk them seeing that I WAS going to write it, and then decided not to. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I have been practicing for CARS for many months. I feel confident in my approach and strategy but am still getting 1 question wrong per passage (sometimes 0, it depends). When did you know you were ready to write that section?
  3. Hey guys I am really interested in pursuing a MScOT at UWO. Are there any students who would be able to answer a few questions for me about the program?
  4. Say I wanted to get 130+ on the CARS section of the MCAT. Do any of you intelligent people out there have a rough idea of how many questions I can get wrong? I know it is a standardized exam, which makes my question virtually impossible to answer... but are we talking 2 questions? 5? 10? THANK-YOU!!
  5. Hi everyone, In the past I have relied only on the practice tests that are enclosed in KAPLAN books. I am needing to practice much more. Does anyone know where I can find free practice tests? Do they even exist? How do people typically practice for CARS? Thanks!
  6. Hey guys, I am a UWO graduate that took 4.5 credits per year. I am under the impression that I must have 2 full-time years (5.0 credits) in order to apply, in which case I will not be eligible. Is the 5 credit rule only applicable if you are wanting the application committee to consider your top 2 years? In other words, could I apply despite having 4.5 credits each year and have my cGPA evaluated? Pretty sure the answer is a no, but just thought I would ask. What I would give to go back in time and add another half credit.. Thank-you :'(
  7. Thank-you for replying. I was under the impression that applicants applying from OUTSIDE of the province are required to have a 3.8 GPA (minimum). I wonder if the 3.4 requirement is an overall minimum average that is required for IP applicants only?
  8. Hey guys, I am going to be applying to the University of Calgary this cycle. I am located outside of the province. I recently came across the below information on the U of Calgary med school website: Admission to the MD program upon completion of the undergraduate degree is conditional upon the following: "Maintenance of an overall GPA of 3.40 or greater over the course of their undergraduate studies" In my first year of university I was enrolled in a few courses as a part-time student. My GPA was below 3.40. I enrolled in full-time studies after year 1 and consisten
  9. Exactly... I called OMSAS about this last year and the representative I spoke with wasn't too sure either. I am only speculating, but I do not think transferring universities would be considered an interruption. Perhaps if someone completed 2 years of uni, took 2 years off, and then returned to school... this is what would warrant a very brief explanation???
  10. Hm.. that was my initial leaning, but I am really not sure. I also enrolled in 4 and 4.5 courses at my university instead of the full 5 per year. I wonder if this is considered an "interruption" ..? Maybe I am overthinking this here. If any students enrolled in part-time studies or did not take the maximum course load possible at their uni, did you answer this question on OMSAS?
  11. Hey guys, On OMSAS under the "Personal Questions" section, students are asked the following: 3. Has your undergraduate program been interrupted for reasons other than academic failure? I am not sure what to answer here... I was supposed to start my undergraduate degree in 2012 but withdrew due to the unexpected passing of an immediate family member. I ended up starting my program in 2013 instead. It was not so much "interrupted" in as much as it was "deferred" ... I did not have any grades on my transcript in 2012 to "interrupt." As noted on my transcript, my degree clearly be
  12. I know these posts are very annoying. I am sorry in advance... am feeling super insecure about my MCAT score. GPA (Two most recent full time years) - 3.97 MCAT (drumroll please.....) - 503 (129 CARS. The rest is CRAP) Strong & extensive volunteer + extra curricular opportunities Strong references I will be applying to McMaster as well. Do you think my GPA is strong enough to compensate for my lousy MCAT score? I am starting a summer job and the hours are rigorous. I do not have time to study for the MCAT and am wondering if I should even bother applying to Queens t
  13. I know these posts are very annoying. I am sorry in advance. I will only be applying to McMaster. It has been my #1 choice for years. 3.83 overall GPA and 129 CARS. I am worried that my GPA will not be considered competitive.. I am seeing students with 3.9+ I don't know how you guys do it! I have a 3.99 GPA in my last 2 years of uni but my overall GPA does not seem adequate. Please help! Should I rewrite the MCAT this summer and shoot for 130+ on CARS? Is my GPA too low? Very insecure pre-med student over here
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