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  1. What ECs would you guys recommend for Western? I will for sure be shadowing a dentist during the summer but is there anything else that they like?
  2. Thanks for replying! For Western, how is my average? I know their most recent admission stats said the average was 89. Since I don't have a lot of ECs, is 91 high enough to make up for it?
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering what you guys think my chances of getting into Dental School in Ontario are. I will be applying next year and I will write the DATs this upcoming November. I am from Ontario so I know my chances in other provinces are very slim and Ontario is pretty much my only hope. So for Western, my top two years GPA is 91. And for U oft T my GPA (overall minus worst year) is 3.95. My overall GPA in university is 3.92. I also only have an undergraduate degree and my ECs are honestly not that great. I have one year hospital volunteering, part time job for two y
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