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  1. Hey, I was hoping if someone could tell me more about the dental program at Sydney. I've applied but I seriously don't know much about the program. I was looking at the testimonials on Oztrekk and the students that went to Sydney stated the program is really disorganized. I'm sure every dental program has their flaws but I would be lying if I wasn't worried after reading some of these comments. Hope someone can provide their input. Thanks!
  2. I mean I haven't gotten an interview offer yet but I don't think you're hogging it and I'm sorry you had to receive such a message. But yeah I agree that you should talk it over with the people you know. But part of me feels like you already know you want to go to UofT ( which is why I said what I said previously)
  3. I've heard the same thing too from a current UWO dental student. I think the only person that could answer that is a UWO dental graduate though.
  4. Hmm.... I think it's a matter of personal preference and weighing pros and cons but I feel like you already have your mind set on Toronto! I feel like most people prefer Toronto too ( from what I've noticed).
  5. Hey all! I was just curious to know when UBC will send out their interview invites/regrets. Looking at threads from previous years, they would have send them out by now so I'm wondering what's going on. Thanks!
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