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  1. I received an email from a UWO address stating that I need to submit a corrected version of my aABS directly to the admissions office today... I was a bit off-put by the lack of detail as to what was wrong, did anyone else receive this e-mail?
  2. I really need to build on my ECs this year and have only had a job as a research assistant through my school. Everywhere I've looked needs a lot of previous experience, and I'm not sure what types of full-time jobs to pursue that I would even have a chance for, let alone would be meaningful at all to my application. I've tried finding something through connections and that hasn't really been working. Any ideas about where to start looking for a job or what jobs to try and pursue?
  3. No, you can't complete it in any order, and the time slots also can't be changed around. You don't get the whole test at once. You complete Chem/Physics in the provided amount of time, and when the timer stops you get a short break. Then, you are able to move onto the next section (CARS), and the timer starts again for the allotted amount of time. And then the same thing for Bio, and lastly Psych/Soc. You can't actually access the questions until you start the section and the timer starts running, so you wouldn't be able to adjust around your timing or anything like that. Also, when a sec
  4. Are the remaining invites for March/April reserved for students further away from Toronto? Or is there still hope
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