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  1. uoft is at 8 spots... admissions does not expect much movement now that all offers from other schools are out...
  2. I think this is for the UofT waitlist. Uoft waitlisted applicants know their waitlist rank.
  3. Am in a similar boat as DMDanon. WL #11 and have offers for PhD programs and don't know what to do....
  4. definitely wait for uoft. McGill offers just came out this week and others are on the way.
  5. Very unlikely that anyone will reject their offer before getting any other offer. Wouldn't you think?
  6. Based on the Western interview thread, the waitlist will literally only move a few spots max (5-10). I guess there is always next year...
  7. any hope for the waitlisted this year??? it seems like everyone is accepting offer.........
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