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  1. It takes forever for that portal to update haha so don't mind it too much. In my year I dropped my cheque off in person because I was scared to mail it in and the office staff member who took my envelope seemed confused and just placed it on a pile on her desk which did not make me any less nervous haha congrats on getting in!
  2. Usually at least ~25 spots opens up after ontario schools release acceptances. The rest trickle in over the summer and remember there are lots of people who apply to OT at other schools as well as other programs (med, Physio, etc) and may decline their OT spot here if they get into their top choice program and/or school. Waiting can be painstaking but good luck to you all!
  3. That’s the norm! However the wait list is usually 100 people and I heard this year it is 150
  4. Seems to be later every year, 2 years ago (my year) it was April 12 and last year according to another poster it sounds like April 22nd. They usually release everyone's acceptances/waitlist decisions at once. They just finished the first years last final exam today so fingers crossed it will be soon! They tend to send it out near the end of the workday so they can't receive a ton of calls as well. Just remember you can e-mail right away to ask if you're in the top (1-49) or bottom (50-100) half of the waitlist.
  5. I had a classmate who was told from admissions that not taking a full course load did in fact hurt her admission chances at U of A (she got in after 3 tries I believe) despite her explaining in her application that she was taking a lighter course load in order to manage her part-time job so she could afford rent etc. However, that being said, I got in (off the waitlist) and my last two years of full-time studies had a 4/4 course load and a 5/4 course load (I withdrew from a course in winter because I knew I was doing terribly and it would hurt my application GPA) and my admissions gpa was ~3.6
  6. You can always call and ask the office about movement but for those of you who are anxious, the Facebook group for the first years has 95 members not including upper years so that would leave at least 25 spots for people on the waitlist provided all those who were accepted joined the group as was recommended.
  7. I know for sure my class has 1 international student from Iran. I believe 2 others are international students from China and Korea but I can’t say for certain. And then I’m not sure about other years. Sorry couldn’t be more help! I would honestly just call or email admissions to ask if they have information about this.
  8. This is no longer very accurate in my opinion because the scholar stream has been taken out. The scholar stream allowed for students to work closely with profs in a separate for credit course that was in that profs research area. However, there is still a capstone project during all of second year that is research focused and similar to the scholar stream concept. There is a lot of research going on and profs are open to you reaching out but in my opinion it was difficult to find the time to do so on top of the first semester’s workload.
  9. One girl in my class told me she wasn’t accepted until her third admission cycle and was told by admissions it was due to her lack of taking a full course load even though she explained in her letter of intent she worked 2+ jobs during school one of which was in a healthcare field. That being said, I don’t know if her gpa was as high as that. I don’t mean to discourage you I just want to let you know it can have an impact. We were told essentially if you are stacked against someone else with the same gpa and similar extra curricular activities then they will opt to rank the person who took the
  10. The community is really great, invites to a Facebook group will be sent sometime in June I believe for your cohort to get connected with one another and upper year members. You get to know your class pretty well. I’m not sure how orientation will be this year given that in person classes for the fall is still up in the air. As for grades, they really don’t matter anymore. A minimum to pass is a C+ (I think 65%?). Everyone tries really hard first semester but if you just do the work you’ll do well and the faculty gives you a lot of chances to make up for poor grades (e.g. they allow re takes fo
  11. I would recommend going to Edmomton. From what I’ve gathered it seems the Calgary campus doesn’t get as much access to our profs (harder to build rapport with a prof) and resources as well as they seem quite isolated from a lot of the OT campus community we have built. But I would also try and get in touch with a Calgary cohort member to really see because I am in the Edmonton one myself.
  12. If you email asking if you’re in the upper or bottom half they will tell you and the waitlist usually moves by half!
  13. We were told the Casper test isn’t actually used in ranking applications yet for u of a OT and it’s currently being used to gather data to see if it can predict if admitted students do well or not do don’t stress too much for that.
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