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  1. I am just curious if they will call 28 haha it’s cutting it super close.
  2. Anyone on here or know someone who might be deferring their acceptance to this years cycle?
  3. Ahh that means a lot, Thank you. But tbh I don’t know if it’ll move anymore- like what other reasons could there be for it to move 3 more spots.
  4. Why do you think it stopped on june 27 last year? Whereas, for 2016 it went all the way till august 4?
  5. Thank you for that, let’s see what happens this year *fingers crossed*
  6. Ok, that isn’t so bad. You also said sometimes around August 1 or 2 people get in as well right?
  7. Let’s hope not too close hahah. I wonder what the movement was like last couple years after July 1st
  8. I hope they make 4 more calls. So let’s keep Praying
  9. Number 25 is next- it moved one spot today so far.
  10. I am curious as to see if anyone on the IP waitlist are looking to reject their offer. Anyone, waitlisted higher than 24
  11. Ok, that is really assuring to hear. I really hope your dream comes true as well *fingers crossed*.
  12. Yes, I am waitlisted as well- I am 28 I am hoping at least 5 more people are called up from the waitlist. Regarding August- do they ask every year? What is the probability of their request getting accepted? Also, where did you get this info from?
  13. I thought the wait-list for IP would move a bit by now. However, every list is moving but IP. Anyone, have an idea why? Or, when you might think it'll move?
  14. what's your guess? Do you think number 28 will be called?
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