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  1. Are you referring to the questions you have to answer on GARS? As far as I remember, you are provided the 3 questions that you have to answer with corresponding word limits. I wrote out my full and completely polished answers just separately on a Word document and when I was done I copy and pasted each answer into the corresponding box and submitted. I don't believe there's a time limit but double check. As far as I'm aware, you have until applications close to edit and change answers.
  2. Yeah that's pretty accurate. I think part of the problem is (generalized blanket statement here sorry) that males are drawn more towards PT when applying since requirements, job outlook, pay, etc are similar. I don't think it's specifically anything to do with the program itself, just perhaps the field in general. I'm not 100% sure if there's any quotas, but I highly doubt it has much weight? It definitely wouldn't hurt you in any way.
  3. I believe U of A also emphasizes GPA strongly and it's one of the main factors of how they rank you for offering admission seats. The program is definitely rigorous which I underestimated going in. In my undergrad I had a high GPA (3.90 out of 4.00) and I struggled this semester which I never have academically before so that was new to me. The first semester alone is 18 or 19 credits, plus a bunch of random extra things that you kind of have to do. So anyone who's only used to taking 12-15 credits at once will definitely notice the increase in work load.
  4. UBC Interviews are really just based off of GPA entirely. I've had several department members confirm that they only really look at other aspects of your application during the review phase AFTER the interview. Alberta is definitely an intense program content wise (but tbh I think they all are) especially the first semester, but totally worth going if you get the chance. The first semester is close to 8-3 or 9-4, but I've also had Friday's off (just depends what lab time you pick). The department suggests you keep 9-5 Monday-Friday free because they do schedule extra learning opportunitie
  5. They do! But even across provinces in Canada each regulatory body has their own minimum requires (hours, etc) for licensing. It's just that US schools are probably 2x to 3x more expensive and typically non-thesis programs or 'professional' programs don't provide funding for students.
  6. Hey everyone applying, I found this forum really useful when I was applying to U. of A for OT and thought I'd answer any questions you have (if I can) so ask away. I also interviewed at UBC and Manitoba but ultimately went to Alberta.
  7. Thanks for the update! Do you mind if I ask what number you started at initially?
  8. I'll be moving from BC to Alberta this fall as well! I applied for housing at the HUB since it's furnished and includes water, heat, electricity, internet, etc
  9. They don't explicitly say you can take a moment to consider your answer or anything along those lines. So it gives the impression you should answer right away. However, they do say they can repeat the question at any point.
  10. From emailing questions to the department, I think GPA is the main factor in interview offers, and then admissions offers are based on your entire application as a whole.
  11. Hey everyone. I interviewed last year and honestly it was a really strange interview for me, nothing like any other interview I've ever done. It's not really like a typical interview style that you'd intuitively prep for. My advice would be to prep all the normal interview questions that come up ('OT interview questions for grad school' search on google) plus know a lot of ongoing issues, hot topics, conflicts, and current events and struggles in the field of OT and some creative/guided solutions for said problems.
  12. Nope unfortunately not I think this was the last week we could have.
  13. No I haven't checked in since then. Trying not to bug the department too much ahaha. Have you heard anything?
  14. Thanks! I interpret that as basically a 9-4 day with a 1 hour break mid day.
  15. Yep! I'm still hopeful because I'm closer now and there's still some movement happening
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