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  1. Ce cheminement consiste de faire quoi exactement? Comme le nom et le site le dit, il s'agit de compléter en un cycle continu d'études un doctorat en médecine et une maîtrise (ou PhD). Le tout se fait davantage en série qu'en parallèle pour assurer la qualité du travail de recherche et le succès académique au MD; i.e. les 2 premières années sont consacrée au pré-clinique (MD) et les cours théoriques du MSc/PhD. S'en suit un arrêt d'études du MD pendant 1 an pour compléter la MSc ou 3 ans pour compléter le PhD. Après, l'étudiant reprend ses études au MD, complétant les 2 dernières années clini
  2. Naive question here: does the MCCQE score matter or one only needs to pass ? Seems some only get their result after the match, so the score itself doesn't seem important for residency. Is it for anything ?
  3. I've come to the conclusion that 2012, 2019 and 2020 cohorts are evil.
  4. Update. :) Does this mean UofC is soon to hold orientation week? That's pretty early and sad.
  5. https://www.mcgill.ca/importantdates/channels/event/fall-2021-first-day-lectures-small-groups-medicine-and-dentistry-programs-320111 But it may be subject to change; wait for a confirmation from the faculty.
  6. Peut-être que t'auras plus de chance d'avoir des réponses détaillées si tu poses ta question sur le forum des étudiants en droit au Canada : lawstudents.ca/forums/login/
  7. In case no email is sent from the Faculty regarding registration, here is the list of the MDCM courses as well as curriculum to identify Med1 courses. By August 14th, register to at least one of the Med1 courses. The uni will later send you an email regarding tuition.
  8. Why would someone who didn't match in 1st iteration not participate in 2nd iteration? What can a med graduate do if left unmatched?
  9. The discussion revolved a lot around job prospect for surgeons in teaching hospitals in urban areas (mainly GTA), but is the situation the same in rural/suburb areas and elsewhere in Canada? Do rural/suburb hospitals also expect residents to go through the same academic hoops to consider hiring them? And does anyone have some insights on the matter in Quebec? (M'bad for asking many questions at once, I also fall in the "element of naivety/ignorance" yet not a fan of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut).
  10. It's not very intuitive to find information on McGill's website, I give you that. For details on core clerkship courses, you have to go on each department website, then to the UG/clerkship section (google "mcgill medicine [name of specialty]"). Here's the course description for FMD and peds for example: FMD: https://www.mcgill.ca/familymed/education/undergrad/clerkship Peds: https://www.mcgill.ca/peds/education-training/ugme There's also an overview of each course on eCalendar, but it may or may not be as detailed as what can be found on departmental websites: https://www.mcgill
  11. You can't accept more than one offer or you're flagged for lack of professionalism, but here's what students do: Because McGill offers are the first to come, students accept the offer (March 25th). Then, they wait until April 29th to get offers from french schools. If they decide to pursue medicine at a french uni over McGill, they cancel their admission at McGill and accept that of their preferred french uni. This process takes place starting April 29th til late summer as long as there's still offers from french unis, so you'll have to give some time for McGill to process the cance
  12. That I don't know; for McGill MDCM, the offers were on March 25th, and usually the uni gives a week to accept/decline. For french unis, I can't find any distinct date for other applicant categories besides May 10th.
  13. The two-step TST is required for students who have no documentation of a TST or those who checked a 'YES' in the box at #1. A single TST is required for those who did a two-step TST more than 6 months prior to medical school entry (#2). Best thing you can do though is to confirm with your family doctor or a nurse!
  14. FYI, (besides ON schools) the deadline for accepting/declining an offer at french schools (Qc) was on May 10th; they will hold their second wave of offers starting May 13th'ish. Fair to guess the MDCM WL should get moving by the end of the week or next week!
  15. Seconding cc11's answer! I know a few students who did research internships at MUHC as UdeM students (UG). FYI, there are even teachers at UdeM who work/are affiliated to McGill research center. I can't see why one would prefer a student over another based on his/her attending university; what really matters to PIs (imo) is your experience and motivation. The only con I see to this is the availability of scholarships; as a UdeM student, you have access to certain research scholarships, but they may be restricted to research conducted under a UdeM researcher. Conversely, you wouldn't have
  16. Hey! Not sure if the Zoom meeting is accessible to any McGill student, but for security reasons (as the forum is public), I think it'd be best if you could edit out the link!
  17. Hello all, je viens de refuser mon offre à l'UdeM (contingent universitaire). Bonne chance à vous! @Mikasa @Nicolas
  18. Hello all, je viens de refuser mon offre à l'UdeM (contingent universitaire). Bonne chance à vous! @Mikasa @Nicolas
  19. Voici ce que disent les Règlement des études de premier cycle: "6.5 Prescriptions d’inscription – inscription concurrente à deux programmes L’étudiant inscrit dans deux programmes concurremment (majeure et mineure/certificat, deux ou trois mineures/certificats ou, exceptionnellement, deux majeures) doit s’inscrire aux cours en respectant les structures de chacun des programmes et les exigences propres aux cours. Il doit également tenir compte de la scolarité de chacun des programmes." Ce n'est donc pas interdit, mais éviter les conflits d'horaire risque d'être difficile
  20. https://www.carms.ca/news/unfilled-positions-after-the-first-iteration-of-the-2021-r-1-match/ Stress pas trop (unless you're an M2/M3 I guess); on sait pas ce que les gouvernements vont faire (du moins, pas à ma connaissance).
  21. Malheureusement non puisque les 12 crédits doivent être déjà cumulés avant la date limite de demande d'admission. Les faux collégiens ont techniquement 0 crédit cumulés, mais plutôt des crédits "en cours", d'où la catégorie "faux collégiens". "Une bonification (+ 0,5) sera appliquée à la CRA des candidats ayant réussi au moins 12 crédits à l’Université de Montréal (ou à Polytechnique Montréal ou à HEC Montréal) au plus tard à la date limite du dépôt de la demande d’admission." https://admission.umontreal.ca/admission/preparation-de-la-demande/comprendre-levaluation-des-dossiers/
  22. Dommage que les résultats du CaRMS 2021 montrent que c'est pas des positions en med fam qui manque. ^^' Reste à voir si ça sera un long-term trend ou si les conditions de travail des médecins de famille rendent la spécialité moins désirable.
  23. Tu fais allusion aux positions en résidence? Seulement si le gouvernement y remédie, mais depuis plusieurs années, il a l'air complètement oblivious of the residency situation.
  24. Oui! Tous les stages d'externat (UdeM) sont disponibles dans le Guide de l'Étudiant ! (et d'ailleurs tout autre détail sur le programme) @Caramel, merci pour la correction!
  25. Correction de ce que la majorité des gens pensent et disent: non, il n'y a pas que des cours magistraux à McGill ! ・⌒・ McGill Typical day: For the first 1.5 years (Fundamentals of Medicine and Dentistry, FMD), there are 3 hours of lecture in the morning, an hour lunch break, followed by a 2-3 hour activity that is usually either a lab (histology/anatomy), a small group session (APP), or a session observing a family medical doctor who you begin to shadow in the first week of medical school (Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience, LFME). For the second half of the second year, yo
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