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  1. Did you take this into account?: 5,000 bonus points will appear as a points adjustment on the Primary cardholder’s Scotia Rewards Account statement within 2 statement cycles of your first card purchase provided the Account is open and in good standing.
  2. It's really hard to say without knowing what your undergrad GPA is. Might want to calculate it and include it to get more helpful responses. You'll also want to double check to make sure you had enough course load/progression to meet weighted GPA eligibility. Both Western and Queen's look at the MCAT as well, so you'll have to consider whether you have the time and ability to dedicate a couple months of study to get a good score. People do separate undergrads to get a satisfactory GPA for med school often, but make sure the details of your program (ie being all online) are accepted for ea
  3. I know 1 person who heard back in the last week. But I think it's an ongoing process that can last well into August or September as Norma finishes reviewing each application and follows up for more supporting documents.
  4. Given that your MCAT goes well, I'd say you have good chances at interviewing at Western and Queen's. I also had a similarly low CGPA and a higher 2-YR WGPA and good ECs, and I interviewed at Western and Queen's and was accepted to Western this year. Key thing will be to write your ABS and Western's Abbreviated ABS well, so you'll have to reflect on your ECs and what you learned from them. However, you still have to do well at the interview stage, so you'll need to think about whether you can interview well and if you can commit the time to practicing for your interviews. So, there's a good ch
  5. Congrats on your acceptance, I'm really happy for you. You've been through a lot, I wish that you didn't have to, but I'm sure your experiences will make you a better and more compassionate doctor for people from similar circumstances. It's true that a large proportion, will have to check the stats but it might even be the majority, are affluent and come from comfortable backgrounds and have not experienced the hardships that you've encountered. But there are also certainly others like you who've also experienced adversity. I myself have experienced living in poverty, losing my home, not
  6. They're pretty firm on not sharing details about waitlist positions. I was on the waitlist last year and had to renew my job contract and asked if they could provide information on the likelihood of getting off the waitlist, and it was a pretty solid no. Sorry, it's not the most empathetic system.
  7. Hi, I also received a bursary of $2600, but I believe we hear back about the Schulich scholarships later in the summer judging by previous years.
  8. Could be luck for sure and how you vibe with your interviewers. Another thing to consider would be whether you are receiving the right feedback from knowledgeable sources for your practice. For example, this year I was able to get interview feedback from doctors who've been through the admissions process. Their advice was different from what I was hearing from other applicants or med students. One more thing could be whether you are reading/learning about ethics, healthcare issues, news and integrating it into your answers to make them more nuanced. Another would be whether you are practicing
  9. I'm Non-SWOMEN as well and was low waisted last year, but got accepted this year. You can definitely do it, you're almost there! I just had to grind out interview practice. Plus you've been through the process already and know what to expect.
  10. Mine's showing up as -1000 now, took about a day! I just paid to my western student number using online banking.
  11. What ever happened with that person? They were removed from the class for sure right?
  12. Medical schools are designed to shape all students into doctors, there will be plenty of "vetting" throughout medical school, classes, rotations, and residency interviews, residency, etc... there is no evidence that a lottery system will produce poorer docs, rather this provides a great opportunity to see if a lottery system has merit through further research only a select portion of the class was chosen through lottery, and few will know who they are it's a pretty common theme among admissions that after a certain point, there is no way to differentiate applicants- besides t
  13. Result: Accepted (London) Timestamp: 9:01 am EST 2-year GPA: 3.92 MCAT: 129/131/130 Interview: In-person. I practiced a fair bit, once or twice a week starting in November, though slacked off near the end. I read a lot of articles online about ethics, healthcare issues, and news, which was really helpful for interview questions. I went through my personal activities and thought about what I learned from them and how it applied to medicine, and how to talk about it concisely (which was hard). For critical thinking/ethics issues, I tried to be honest about my limitations and
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