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  1. I'm not authorized either yet and I wasn't waitlisted
  2. Mine is also up, but I also already had a student number
  3. That's awesome! I asked to be taken off the waitlist for my 1st choice (VFMP) last week because I decided my second preferred site was actually a better choice for me, so I'm really glad you guys got in!!
  4. I was just hoping to get some clarification on how Clerkship works in terms of whether it allows you to pursue clerkships at various locations throughout the province, or if it is localized to your education site. For example, if you are in the NMP, can you do a clerkship rotation in Vancouver or do you have to remain in the Prince George area? I have just received conflicting answers about this in the past! Thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply! Would you interpret that, that if I get an offer to VFMP later in the summer then I am forced to switch to the Vancouver site and the only way to stay at IMP is to message them now to tell them to take me off the waitlist?
  6. I'm extremely excited to have gotten accepted into IMP for next year even though it was my second choice. I was torn between VFMP and IMP so it didn't matter which one I got into , as long as I got into one! However, since I put VFMP first on my application, I guess i am also placed on a waitlist for that site even if I accept the IMP spot (which I already did). So I'm just wondering if there is much movement on this waitlist, I know on the online system it says that it rarely happens but could still happen up to the first day of classes. Also, if it happens that I get an offer to VFMP l
  7. TIME STAMP: 11:50am Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: accepted IMP (2nd choice) AGPA: ~89 MCAT: 518 (132/127/128/131) ECs: i would guess it was pretty average. Wouldn't say I have anything that is amazing. Some long term commitments and focus on my hobbies. Geography: IP Interview: first time applying and first time interviewing but I thought the interview went really well! even though IMP was my second choice I'm still really excited about moving to Victoria! I was torn between VFMP and IMP, but super happy one of them worked out
  8. nothing specific planned yet, I'll wait on specifics till I find out on the 11th. In general, I plan on working and travelling and taking a year off and living life. It's my first time applying so I still have plenty of time to straighten stuff out if things don't go well this time!
  9. What would you say is considered a low GPA? Obviously there are people who get in with averages in the low 80s, but I would assume that these people either killed the interview or had really good ECs, or both. What do you think a GPA would be that would still give you a chance of acceptance even if you didn't 'kill' the interview?
  10. I would probably try until my MCAT score runs out. So I still have 4 more goes at it
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