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  1. Thanks @Edict . I'll exhaust my Canadian options then apply to US & perhaps beyond as well. Fingers crossed that Canada will take me sometime - I'd love to keep living here haha
  2. Sorry one more thing - is there a specific financial requirement to get loans for international schooling? This might sound dumb haha but I really don't know anything about the process.
  3. Your input is much appreciated! Since I know little about international schooling - why those specialties specifically? As well, is it just as hard to get into Canada from the US as it is to come back from places like Aus/Ireland/etc.?
  4. I guess I'm also wondering if it's worth retaking the MCAT knowing that I could do better in CARS. The risk here is that I could easily drop in the other sections which might not look favorable.
  5. @rmorelan yeah you're right, thanks, I need to focus on this year at least. I haven't reached out to potential supervisors regarding an MSc yet and am wondering if it's the right choice to at this time - starting to feel like a 5th year is the way to go.
  6. @Meridian Thank you for your insight! From Ontario's perspective, do you think a third MCAT rewrite is necessary? I feel like I might be able to work with it if I improve my GPA - but if it is equally possible to get in with my current low GPA with a rewrite for a higher MCAT, that would take less time & money and might be more efficient.
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