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  1. Hey everyone, hang in there, I know it’s super stressful waiting! I just wanted to weigh in as a Med 1 and let you know we’re thinking of you guys. In terms of admissions and COVID, I don’t think they’ll be super affected either. Admissions is separate from UGME - the people that figure out our curriculum - so letters likely won’t be delayed because it’s not undergraduate admissions that is going to scrambling to figure out what to do with current students in light of COVID 19. That said, every year it just depends when they’re ready so that could be tomorrow or the very end of March! The wait
  2. Hey there, I sent off an application about a week ago to the Royal College and just got an email saying that I was registered - it went to my junk mail folder though, so it might be the same for you :-) For Doctors NS, I applied last week and haven't heard back. I was going to apply for student CMA membership when I heard from doctors NS, I think you need to be registered with Doctors NS before applying for CMA membership? (please correct me if I'm wrong :-) )
  3. Yay! I'm pretty happy, I really like it! It looks really similar to 2014's colour though to me, does anyone else see that? It could just be the light in the pictures.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering the same, and also thinking maybe the Finance presentation since it's MD Financial. Of the 5 colours in the poll, I feel like green or yellow are the most likely. 2010 was already grey, so that seems unlikely. Both 2012 and 2018 were red, which is sort of close to blood orange. And the turquoise is similar to the light green of 2014. That said, to me 2017 and 2011 look like very similar shades of blue so maybe it will be the blood orange or turquoise.
  5. Yeah, that's what I thought too, but then I went and looked at their orientation week schedule (https://www.ucalgary.ca/mdprogram/files/mdprogram/class-of-2022-orientation-schedule-june-14-2019a.pdf) and it kinda seems more like something that would happen today, but it's hard to tell. I should check their page here. I guess either way it's just one more day's wait.
  6. Do you know if students in Calgary get their bags today (the 3rd) or tomorrow, the 4th? I know the instagram reveal is supposed to be on the 4th but I'm wondering if Calgary students will find out today and be willing to share the colour?
  7. I feel like I should post mine for future applicants as well :-) Time Stamp: March 14, 1:36 pm AST Accepted, IP NS GPA: 3.7 (or 3.8...I can't remember) MCAT: 513 Essay: started it really early, went through a lot of iterations. Tried to really focus on answering the question as directly as possible. I tried to keep a common thread throughout to make it readable, but I still don't think it was my best piece of writing. In the end felt it was best to answer the question posed as thoroughly as possible rather than create a beautiful piece of writing, but I really don't k
  8. That's right, someone close to the mean would have a low z-score. It is confusing for sure, though. Someone lower than the average would actually have a negative z-score though, it's only positive if you take the absolute value :-) If memory serves correctly, you also need the standard deviation to calculate z-scores as well as the mean.
  9. I was waitlisted the past two years, and so while obviously I didn't get the call/email, my understanding is that they contact you (by email first from what I heard) very quickly after someone declines. In terms of how long you have to accept the position, I believe this varies between when it occurs. For example, if it's the day before classes start, they will give you a very short time! If it's closer to know, I think that they give a little longer - maybe a week? I'm not sure though. I know from experience how stressful it is being waitlisted. Hang in there! You guys are doing great,
  10. Thank you guys for keeping me company during the wait! Knowing I wasn't in the only one made it a lot easier, and I appreciated your humour and kind words. It looks like third time lucky for me, I'm so happy to be here. To those waitlisted or still working towards getting in, hang in there! You are strong and have amazing things ahead of you.
  11. Yeah, I feel like next week too. That said, who knows? :-)
  12. I wish I could make croissants or something and take them to this shared morning waiting vigil!
  13. It felt like when my mom would rip an old bandaid off me as a kid when I wasn’t expecting it. Hated it at the time but no anticipation anxiety.
  14. To me that sounds like at least a day’s work, if not two, that they have left, so it kinda clarified to me that it probably won’t come tomorrow or Friday....thanks for finding that out!!!! I agree re. time of day too...it seems like something in the process makes it more amenable to coming out in the morning but for sure, not guaranteed :-)
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