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  1. ACCEPTED OFF THE OOP WAITLIST!!!! (Score 78.07) Three MCAT attempts, two application cycles, a low GPA in my first two years, lots of hard work, a Masters degree and several tears later...so so honoured to receive this offer. For anyone still on the waitlist, I’m holding out hope for you. The wait is excruciating and I’m here to encourage you if I can in any way.
  2. Me either...I’m still on the waitlist with a 78+...
  3. Thanks! Do you mind sharing your waitlist score?
  4. Anyone else rejecting a Dal offer before the long weekend?
  5. Right?! I'm dying! Hopefully we'll see movement this week. Hang in there!
  6. Thanks for this insight. Otherwise, there is no reason for a lower score to be accepted before a higher score off the wait list, correct? Is it as simple as just going down a list?
  7. Interesting: so an OOP applicant with a 65 on the other thread was rejected, and an OPP applicant with a 62 on this thread is on the wait list - does this make sense?
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