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  1. I do know that there has been recent discussion amongst administration regarding the requirement of sciences entering medicine, so I think your best bet is to contact admissions and ask them whether it is a requirement or a suggestion.
  2. It's really personal preference. A lot of students use MacBooks. Quite a number of us have the Air in my year.
  3. I actually made a point of not posting my acceptance to any social media site until I had spoken to my boss. I was leaving a contract position as a physician assistant for medical school and was really uneasy about what kind of reaction I would receive. At the time, I was also off on 3 weeks medical leave recovering from a ruptured appendicitis. Despite the fact that I had extreme reservations, the response to my leaving was the most warm and understanding response I have ever received. I did have a lot of guilt associated leaving a contract position because I had recently established meas
  4. I'm happy to put you in touch with someone who is graduating this year who entered NOSM with an arts background. I would say the biggest thing administration has commented on being a hurdle is basic science, such as not having the background to recognize that Cl- means chloride or what an anion is etc. Send me a PM with your email and I'll put you in contact with my classmate
  5. Yes, admissions offers come with attachments (at least they have in previous years).
  6. Good luck to everyone awaiting emails! For those who are accepted, there is a Facebook group: NOSM Meds '20, which is how everyone tends to communicate until the school year begins. There are several other NOSM students in the group so feel free to ask questions etc. To those of you who are unsuccessful this year, there is always next year. There are a lot of students at NOSM who applied multiple times before gaining admission. All the best!
  7. I did 1-3wk gen surg, 1-3wk burns (which could either be plastics or gen surg), 3 plastics, 1 rad, 1 anesthesia. I also had general surgery research, although my first choice discipline was plastics. Had more general surgery interviews than plastics despite having applied to all the plastic surgery programs and only 5 general surgery (something I now regret) and matched to non-surgical specialty. Good luck with your upcoming match. My recommendation would be to apply broadly to both and hope for the best!
  8. I applied to all CMG programs and McGill, including research streams (total of 12 programs). I tried to show I was willing to go anywhere by doing an elective on each coast and some in the middle. My electives went well and I received great evaluations, but I only got 1 interview. I'm unsure what I was missing that set my application apart from those who received several. I matched, but not to my first or second choice discipline and not to a surgical specialty, which is what I had always seen myself doing. Despite the fact I ranked a third choice discipline, I don't think I ever expected to n
  9. I was increased from the standard 250k RBC loan to 275k (I had asked for this because that is what the current 1st year medical students are being offered).
  10. Parry Sound and Bracebridge are Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) sites for 3rd year and those based out of Bracebridge often work in Gravenhurst as part of their year. There are quite a few NOSM students from those communities, which leads me to believe they are considered Northern Ontario, although I've never sat on the selection committee.
  11. I fell victim to this as well. Applied for another very competitive surgical specialty and also gen surg. Would have been incredibly happy doing either. Didn't match to any surgical specialty but still matched. It is certainly disappointing that it becomes an "all or nothing" for a lot of surgical specialties and despite someone genuinely being happy with either outcome, it is not believed by the selection committee and results in lower ranking.
  12. I recently applied for an increase at RBC. I'm in the last few months of medical school. I was required to submit a budget that would account for the amount that I was asking for and the RBC Health Care Specialist at my bank attached a note that explained why I had run out of money sooner than expected (I had paid off my previous LOC of 45k with the med school LOC the day I received it). Hope that helps.
  13. Anatomical Pathology: Queen's, Manitoba, Western, Dalhousie, UBC, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Memorial, Alberta, McGill, McMaster Anesthesiology: NOSM, Ottawa, Calgary, Sherbrooke, Memorial, Alberta, McMaster, Western, UBC, Queens, Saskatchewan, Dalhousie, Manitoba, Toronto Cardiac Surgery: Manitoba, UBC, Western, Calgary, Alberta, Ottawa, McGill, Dalhousie Dermatology: Alberta, Toronto, McMaster, Calgary, McGill, Ottawa, Montreal Diagnostic Radiology: Ottawa, Memorial, Queen's, Manitoba, Calgary, McGill, Toronto, McMaster, Dalhousie, Saskatchewan, Western, UBC, Montreal, Alberta Emergency Med
  14. Has anyone received invites or know of anyone who has received an invite from either UBC or Western for plastic surgery?
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