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  1. Hi there. no, she doesn’t have to keep a full course load if she doesn’t have any courses remained to take in the 5th year (except for prereqs). But she should make sure she has a full course load preferably in all the prior years, or at least in 2 years of those.
  2. Does it say when they’ll hold it? I hope to god they don’t do ours online!!
  3. I see the same thing. The guy who called me said it might not appear until Monday or Tuesday and to not freak out in the meanwhile!
  4. Result: Accepted off the HWL to Windsor Timestamp: May 29th, 11:30 Am 2-year GPA: 3.87 MCAT: 128/132/130 Interview: Online- I did not practice as much as I should have, but based on some good advice I received, tried to relate each answer to how I’m going to become a good doctor/ medical student. Felt like I bonded well with the panel, even though half of my responses felt like rambling to myself and I totally missed a hint that a panel member dropped at some point! Year: finished B.A. Geography: OOP Can’t believe that after so many years
  5. Got off the high waitlist to Windsor campus at 11:30! The waterworks are sooo on!
  6. I haven’t either... I wish we could collectively pay for the staff to stay extra hours and make all of the calls today!!
  7. In my opinion the paramedic experience is gold compared to the basic hospital volunteering, because in the former you can actually establish clinical experience (which the schools care about) and it’s very unique. However, if I were you, I’d try to get some community volunteering experience going on as well (e.g. homeless shelter) to establish selfless service to community, which is something else schools care about!
  8. This is very reassuring! Thank you for your thorough explanations and I hope you aced your principles final!
  9. Sorry if it sounds stupid, but I don’t quite know how it works! Is it just like undergrad where you have 4-5 courses and each of them has a final exam at the end of the semester? How many “summative exams” do you have every term? And what percentage of students pass (without much struggle)? Thanks
  10. For Ontario it's 2 weeks, so they have until this Tuesday to confirm their acceptance.
  11. You guys are forgetting about the over-offering that schools do. A lot of the declined spots could automatically go to the surplus of those who were offered admission right off the bat (i.e. more than 170 ppl were offered admission at first)
  12. Good to know! Thanks for sharing. My only concern regarding campuses is that my partner would have to find a job wherever we move and the prospects of that, in his field, seem to be almost non-existent in Windsor...
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