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  1. Good luck all! Here we go again...
  2. The OMSAS guide is out, all the new changes for Ontario are noted there. FYI everyone.
  3. UofT: let's make the process friendly to everyone BUT the applicants Applicants: but... Referees: wait does this mean we have to fill out an evaluation form AND a letter??? UofT: oh... I guess we will just use 2019 as a trial year at the expense of the applicants to see if our changes are actually good!! Applicants: ..................................
  4. Agree 100%. It makes no sense overall. What's the point of a thesis based masters, which are notoriously hard especially at UofT grad departments. Smh.
  5. Are they also getting rid of all reference letters and replacing it with assessment forms via OMSAS? This was unclear from the live streams. But in the comments they did write: "There is no longer a narrative letter required. It is an evaluation form." Tfw they are trying to make it less complicated and end up making it MORE confusing LOL
  6. How exactly will they even assess the competitiveness of a graduate applicant without a CV? Lmfao, that seems silly to me. An academic CV is pretty much the currency of the academic medical world.
  7. Just watched that live stream. I do not understand why they would do this, it makes no sense for graduate students to be looked at the exact same way as undergrads...
  8. Update regarding the changes as of June 25. More to come on June 27 from the UofT Facebook live stream. Apparently... "There is no longer a narrative letter required. It is an evaluation form." Source: from the admissions Facebook page's recent video stream. I do not understand why they would do this... Smh.
  9. Is this 100% confirmed? I think if reference letters are completely eliminated, it is pretty ridiculous overall. It matters what professionals in the field think about your potential candidacy as colleagues.
  10. Dang, I actually love the MCAT. It is unfortunate for applicants who simply are good at standardized tests (among many other things of course). Oh well. They also say no changes to GPA reqs and no changes for MD/PhD applicants in terms of references and CV requirements. They said there will be changes to the OMSAS referee system and to the graduate applicants stream as well... No specifics though. Overall does not seem like any major changes tbh...?
  11. My neurotic premed anticipation has already started to kick in, even before OMSAS opens this cycle. Thanks UofT.
  12. I just want to say: 100% agreed. I can back up these examples with Health Sci kids I know.
  13. LMFAO, I wish I could give you **DELETED** gold for that. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
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