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  1. Yes lol definitely early for me to be asking this question but I'm actually asking for my partner! Unfortunately the schools I was accepted to are all quite far from where he is training. To add: there isn't much info on this topic that I can find so any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hey, does anyone know if there exists a minimum GPA that one would need to keep an offer of admission at various Ontario schools?
  3. http://vp.ucalgary.ca/images/admissions/Admission2017.mp4
  4. This might be helpful: according to this graph about 14% of 341 OOP applicants declined their offer
  5. Accepted IP GPA: 3.90 CARS: 129 4th year undergrad EC: tried to steer clear of typical pre-med stuff in my top 10, lots of work experience while in school, several pubs Interview: did not feel great about most of it but I guess it wasn't as terrible as I thought!
  6. I think the email said May 25 was the deadline to accept
  7. On their timeline it says "early May" plus Ontario schools send out decisions May 8 so they may try to coordinate roughly
  8. One of my verifiers told me this morning that she was contacted - again I'm sure it's completely random so I wouldn't attribute any meaning to it!
  9. I've heard that the letters are used just to screen for red-flags. This is probably the case since they are mandatory but not included in the calculation of your application score.
  10. I'm sure many of you have seen this already (especially if you are stats obsessed like me) but this table gives you an idea of the expected wait-list movement at each medical school (except Toronto). You can check out how many offers are sent out and compare it to the final class size at each school. https://www.afmc.ca/sites/default/files/CMES2017-Section8-Applicants.pdf
  11. I think they usually try to coordinate the admission decisions with other Canadian med schools so I'm sure we will hear around the first week of May when most other schools send out emails
  12. I had to head out right after my interview this weekend and wasn't able to see the video. If its possible to post it here, I would really love to see it!
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