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  1. I got an interview this year with a gpa of 3.52. My ECs were diverse and yours seem the same! even better than mine actually. If you want to continue studying, get a master's degree. You gain a lot of useful skills and it looks really good too.
  2. Interview Date: March 4 afternoon Result: Invite! wGPA: 3.52 MCAT: 126 CARS!!! ECs: Lots of meaningful and personal life experiences- not all academic stuff. Lots of leadership and volunteer and research experiences + great accomplishments in music and sports. I have one first author publication. I spent lots of time on my top 10s- tried to be concise and clear and my writing generally had a good flow. I honestly think my top 10s got me an interview!! I'm still shocked and extremely happy that I got a chance to interview. Year: BSc complete, Second year MSc G
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