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  1. Ohhh I guess I'm stuck with doing physics online.. Thank you la marzocco!
  2. I'm an OOP and with my current degree, I have the Option 2 courses completed, just not the Option 1 I will definitely look into doing physics online though, as my option 1 courses have better grades. Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you so much for showing me this, I really appreciate it!! I have a quick question, if you don't mind, since I won't have the physics by January 15, 2019, am I able to instead use the OPTION 2 ? (I know the website talks about using Option 2 if some of your option 1 pre-reqs have expired) so I don't know if this would count, seeing as I wouldn't have even taken the course.
  4. Hi all! I have a question about the science prerequisites for McGill. I will be applying this coming year (for Fall 2019 admission) and I'm trying to get all the prerequisites completed. I will, however, only be able to take the second physics course next winter term (i.e. winter 2019) and I was wondering if that means I'm ineligible to apply? I know by then they will have sent invites for the interview. Since I will be enrolled in the course at the time, does that mean I can't even apply? Or is there a way they give conditional offers? Thank you!!
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