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  1. I guess one implication of switching to a 3 year program is a switch is a preference for older and more mature candidates. 3 year programs tend to select candidates that are more mature for their age or older in general because the cirriculum is so rigorous, less breaks, kinda got to know what you want to do a lot sooner.
  2. 4 year medical schools are good in that they allow students more time and exposure to figure out what specialty they want and seems mentally better if you have a family.
  3. If they cut medical school admission can they redistribute that funding for residency positions the same year?
  4. Without getting into the IMG debate, touching IMG spots might be a hard sell politically this year. Since 2016, Canada decreased the statement of needs for J1 Visa for most specialties but FM and Canadian IMGs are now only allowed to pursue 1 year subspecialties in the USA. This year, many IMGs who matched to the US found themselves unable to get a statement of need. Their effectively walking around with 200k to 400k debt. People are super angry as their livelihoods are ripped from them. Think you can imagine the backlash from families, and IMG who have nothing to lose. I could be wrong and
  5. Perhaps we should consider pushing for better alternatives for unmatched CMG’s. Seems to me like an unmatched CMG has very few options:( In BC, an IMG can participate the clinical traineeship program which is basically an educational licence. It allows the person almost the same responsibility as a final med student. Not sure if that exists for CMG in different provinces. This would be a great alternative to not graduating and repaying tuition for another year. Secondly, in Alberta there is a clinical assistant program in place for IMGs. The training is 6 months, and you basically work under d
  6. I have to agree with A-Stark on this one. No career guarantees a job after getting a degree. It might rub the public the wrong way as the reasoning comes off as entitled. I'm interested in what the lawyers have to say. Also, it always amazes me how they increased medical school admission but cut back on residency spots.
  7. Not seeing how it affects CMG spots other than the fact that we have the manpower to train more residents, but not the funding from the Canadian government I feel bad for both the CMG's and Saudi resident. Imagine training for 5 years, being used as free labour by the Canadian system, making friends in the program, moving family here, committing years of research and people still treat you like an outsider. I wonder how they select these candidates and if there is a pathway to citizenship?
  8. Is your family willing to support you financially? Doing USMLEs might be really tough on welfare. Expect ~$ 5000 to do Step 1, step 2cs, step ck. ~3000-7000 CADs if you going to apply broadly to most IMG friendly FM programs and at least another couple grand depending on how many interviews and hotels you have to fly to
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